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Forge of Empires Review

Mobile strategy game Forge of Empires

Innogames, who brought us Tribal Wars and Grepolis all those years ago, recently released Forge of Empires for the iPad, and OSG1 is here to give it a test-drive. It’s a online strategy game whose design relies heavily on player engagement. Plan and build your city, train a few troops to do battle, and tap, tap, tap for resources. Conquering new territory is performed by way of a turn based battle with NPC enemies. There is even some PvP in the form of turn based duels.

Forge of Empires has a strong single player campaign, and complex city planning which is what this game does well.

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Tribal Wars 7.0

Tribal Wars, a browser based strategy game from InnoGames that has been around since 2003, has just become Tribal Wars 7.0. Of course, I don’t know how Tribal Wars plans on staying competitive with Travian 4 while looking like this. If any readers are followers of Tribal Wars and know if the game offers anything interseting to the genre, please let me know!


Holiday Respite

Tribal Wars is issuing an “attack break” over the Holiday:

“We will be having two attack breaks over the holiday period to allow players to enjoy the Christmas holiday and New Year without having to worry about their accounts (and to give the support team a rare break!)”

This is a grand idea I’d like to see more games adopt. If you’re interested in Tribal wars a new server is starting tomorrow.