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Return of OSG1

Online Strategy Games

Could it be true? Has Oliver returned? After two long years (two years!), OSG1 (Online Strategy Games) is back!

While in the fortress of solitude, It seems there has been a huge shift in the marketplace. When I posted my last article, Online Strategy Games were really a niche market. Even among strategy-gamers, the biggest names were Civilization or Starcraft, games that you would play with a few people at most, and never offered persistent worlds. While Travian and Ikariam had millions of players worldwide, their numbers were small compared to other strategy games, and tiny compared to game franchises like World of Warcraft.

But now, the iPhone, iPad, and Android comprise some of the biggest gaming platforms out there. They are also a perfect fit for Online Strategy Games since you will always have access to your empire and can receive alerts whenever someone is attacking you. Looking at the top games on these new platforms, it seems some of the biggest ones are online strategy games!

Game of War, Kingdoms of Middle Earth, War of Nations, These titles are right up there with games like Angry Birds or Monument Valley. As foretold, OSG’s have inherited the earth! I took one look at Kate Upton here and knew it was time for OSG1 to make a comeback.

Look forward to more reviews about this new generation of mobile strategy games and see which are deserving of your military genius.

Game on!

First Contest of 2012!

online strategy game contest

OSG1 is kicking the year off right with another contest, featuring our biggest prize ever! Are you looking for some free Ambrosia for Ikariam, free credits for Edgeworld, free Lord of Ultima Diamonds? All you have to do is post a comment filling in this sentence: “You know you’ve been playing ____ too much when…” Insert your favourite online strategy game into the blank, finish it off, and you’re done.

At the end of the day on the 27th I’ll pick my favourite and the winner will receive £30 worth of virtual currency for their game! Entries will be judged based on humour, cleverness, applicability, and, most importantly, how much I like them. Feel free to enter as many times as you want! No fair copying the previous contests tough. Also to be clear, it can be any persistent browser based strategy game; could be Travian, Grepolis, Backyard Monsters, whatever. Okay, best of luck to all!


Travian 3d

online strategy games 2012

It’s 2012, and welcome back to OSG1! We’ve been taking a break for the holidays, but now we’re ready to bring you the latest in browser based strategy games.

I’m actually quite happy to report that I’m actually surviving so far in the latest Travian Tournament (tx2.travian.com), thanks to my awesome sitter and another player who’se letting my troops keep the stools warm at his bar. I was also surprised to recently catch some new Travian ads in 3d! The first is an official ad, followed by what looks like a separate pass of a 3d Praetorian army just to show off their work. Check them Out

Interview with Top Ministry of War Player

browser game ministry of war top player

Here is an interview I did with one of the top Ministry of War players whom I encountered over on the GOA forums. Hopefully he can give us an insight on what it takes to be a top Online Stratey Gamer!

OSG1: What online strategy games are you playing, or have you played in the past?

Erissar: Oh… I have a list of games that I was “crazy” about it. Travian, Ikariam, Ogame, Heroes of War and Magic. Keep Reading!

Strategy Game News

lords at war mmo rts

It’s been only a week, but as with our digital empires, the world of persistent browser based games is always leveling up. Behold the latest news.

First, one of the browser games I’ve spent a lot of time with, Aloriah, has integrated with Facebook. Now you can play the game through your Facebook account, post to your wall, and all the other social networking tricks the kids are in to. Keep beholding!

To The Victors Go The Spoils

online strategy game philosophy

Fair warning, this article is rather dense. But, sometimes it’s good to move beyond saying this game is good or this game is bad and be able to explain why. So, let’s take an academic look at a few models of resource production in online strategy games and see how they affect game-play. That is, how does a player’s resource production change throughout the course of the game, and what is the result? Shall we?

Travian Reaches 400k on Facebook

travian 400k facebook fans

Travian just hit 400k fans on Facebook, which is cool. At the same time, Empires & Allies already has 400k. It’s interesting that there’s still such a separation between these two markets. Travian players have been playing browser games for years before Facebook ever showed up, and they haven’t really embraced Facebook. At the same time, the millions of Facebook users are just now being introduced to strategy games.

Anyway, be sure to check out the progress of the Travian tournament, and also the next section of the Empires & Allies guide that I just put up.