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Mobile: 9 Colonies for iOS

9 colonies iphone strategy game

Welcome, brave soldior. As a member of the strategy-game-craving masses, you’ve likely seen a few epic iOS strategizers here and there. If you’re anything like me, an unabashed outer-space geek, you most definitely have a creamy spot for genre classics like Master of Orion. If all of that rings true, and you have an iOS device, hold on tight – we’re going in deep with 9 Colonies. Dive in

Mobile: ‘Crimson: Steam Pirates’ for iOS

Chances are you’ve heard of Bungie Studios. They created Halo for the original X-Box. Yeah. From a creepy one bedroom apartment housing two dudes, to a fully-loaded game studio stuffed full of free snacks. From freedom to indentured servitude and back to freedom again (but still with some indentured servitude). I like these guys. Enter Crimson: Steam Pirates for iOS. I eagerly downloaded Crimson: Steam Pirates in a food-induced Christmas Coma last week. And? This may be the best iOS game I’ve ever played. Read on!

New Poll: What's Your Play Style?

Time for another (now weekly) poll. What’s your OSG play-style or strategy? Do you start the game as aggressive as possible, raiding anyone unfortunate enough to start nearby? Do you start upping your production and city walls, knowing that the defender has the advantage and wait for the aggressors to waste their resources on your armies? Do you try to lay low and find some powerful allies to protect you? I think I have a hunch which way this one’s gonna go, but it’ll be interesting to see.

I figure I should speak to the previous polls as well.

Currently, about 50% of people prefer the current free-to-play monetization strategy that OSG’s currently used. That makes a lot of since, as the current system probably inconveniences the greatest amount of players the least. That said, I wonder if other genres (either traditional RTS or more MMORPG’s) will start leaning on the free-to-play model? I know Gameforge’s MMORPG “4-Story” and a dozen others have already gone this route. Still, these games aren’t nearly as profitable as the MMORPG’s that get a constant flow of income from monthly subscribers.

As for people’s favorite aspect of OSG’s, warfare (unsurprisingly) takes the lead with 33%, followed by City-management (27%), then Social (18%), and Browser-Based (15%). People also submitted “able to play on a linux laptop” (which probably ought to be added to Browser-Based) and “economics”. It seems to work out pretty well that the focus of a lot of OSG’s parallel that break down (i.e. a strong Travian player probably spends the bulk of his time raiding and planning his army, followed by upgrading cities, followed by diplomacy). Seems like the designers already knew all this, but I’m happy to reinforce it :)


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