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Review: Rage of Storms

Although German developers ‘Publisher Worldwidegames’ (terrible name guys) announced an open beta almost a year ago, Rage of Storms hadn’t caught my eye until two weeks ago, when my German roommate Ronnie’s laptop was open to an awesome looking war game. “What’s the game, bra?!” I asked, and when he retorted “It’s Rage, freund!” I knew it was time to take a closer look and write a review. Let’s do it, yeah? This is Rage of Storms.
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Review: Atlantica Online

Back to Breasts. Er, basics. The latter is my approach to Atlantica Online: this is one title that will have you howling with old-school strategy gaming bliss. I’m talking gasmstatus. Ndoors, the developer of this title have taken the best in turn-based combat tactics, threw in some deliciously mystical fantasy questing and sprinkled in just the right amount of PvP to keep mainstream, old school strategy players mostly thrilled. I played past twenty hours, which is rare for me. Read on for Micah’s take on Atlantica online.
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Review: BattleForge (PC)

Big kahuna. That’s the term I’d use in trying to describe mega-developer EA’s MMO/TCG foray into the wild west of play4free OSG titles: but BattleForge left me wanting. If you haven’t heard of this title, try to imagine a turn-based-slash-real-time strategy offshoot of Battleship meets Magic: The Gathering. With cards. Intruiged? I’ll say off the bat that BattleForge had me salivating in the first few hours I spent flirting with her, but the date turned card-sour on day two.
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Review: Romadoria (Browser)

Another day, another OSG set in Greco-Roman antiquity. I wasn’t exactly thrilled about spending a healthy amount of time with yet another one of these seemingly identical copies, but we decided to give Romadoria a fair chance. Blackmoon Games peddles Romadoria as an outlet to expand your city and expand your empire by sending your legions to plunder enemy cities. Nothing new here, but if you’re the type that can’t get enough empire-building, ancient history-creating action, read on and sear your virility into the marble of history! RAH!
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Review: Soul Master (RTS-OSG)

I’ve been hunting for a real-time strategy title to review for a while now. My options were there – Final Fantasy XIII was the clear choice, for obvious reasons – but finding an online, browser-based strategy platform with real-time management and sequencing wasn’t quite as clear. Enter Soul Master, created by German free2play developer Gamigo and ported to the North American market by GamesCampus. Gamigo has a huge portfolio of f2p games that aren’t worth talking about – but it really doesn’t matter. Soul Master is mission based, and it’s one of the only RTS-OSG browser titles we’ve found in recent weeks worthy of review. Hold on to your butts – this clock’s a tickin!

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Review: Renations (Browser OSG)

Another day, another dollar – er, another strategy game! Today we’re taking a look at Renations, a pure-browser strategy game set in a post-apocalyptic Earth. Not the most original premise, but hey, radiation sells. After ‘The Great Disaster,’ a global thermonuclear plant explosion that leaves large sections of Earth shaken and disorganized, a secret society of politicians and ungodly wealthy no-gooders saw an opportunity to turn the nations against one another. Nukes followed, and eventually the entire globe was consumed in a nuclear winter, uninhabitable for thousands of years, until now. The year is 2012, and four factions have risen from the ashes. What happens between these factions is where the game takes place. Interested? Fuck yes you are. Read on for our bits & bobs, kids.
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Mobile: 9 Colonies for iOS

9 colonies iphone strategy game

Welcome, brave soldior. As a member of the strategy-game-craving masses, you’ve likely seen a few epic iOS strategizers here and there. If you’re anything like me, an unabashed outer-space geek, you most definitely have a creamy spot for genre classics like Master of Orion. If all of that rings true, and you have an iOS device, hold on tight – we’re going in deep with 9 Colonies. Dive in

APOX to come to OnLive, {pushes agenda}

APOX and online, two words that are pinned into each other's faces

Yes it’s a game on OnLive, so you must pay for it, yes it’s a persistent online multiplayer RTS and RTS games aren’t hugely available on OnLive (and that’s why I wanted to write this article), but for piss sakes, the setting is in a post apocalyptic world. Yurghghhhhh!! Let’s hope the pros outweigh this huge con. Dare I read on?

Godstoria: The Bible Online Review

Game Site: www.Godstoria.com
Developer: FIAA GmbH
Rating: Check back later

Godstoria, formerly “The Bible Online: Heroes,” is a browser-based MMO strategy game that puts you in the sandals of Abraham, the legendary father of Israel. It starts as a straight up city-builder: you begin with a tiny Hebrew tribe and expand that into a strong city-state. Godstoria then gets ambitious by trying to incorporate Abraham’s journey to the Promised Land, Canaan, as it appears in the actual Bible. Adding an over-arcing story to an OSG is an intriguing premise, but the execution leaves Godstoria feeling like a first draft.
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