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Might and Magic: Heroes Kingdoms Mondays – 2

MMHK Monday Part Two
“Fightin’ Words”

A lot has happened with my little Might and Magic Heroes Kingdoms fiefdom the past week, so let’s get to it.

The biggest event was my decision to subscribe. The free version limits how many cities you can control and heroes you can recruit, each at three, and this week I expanded enough to be able to afford a fourth city. So I bit the bullet and paid the fifteen bucks for an Ubisoft account.

Ubisoft was very happy I did this, and gave me 20,000 gold as a thank-you present. I used that to recruit my fourth hero, a Disturbed Wizard I plan to utilize as a magic/military asset. Here he is:


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Might and Magic: Heroes Kingdoms Mondays – 1

Might and Magic: Heroes Kingdoms — Part One
“Spreading the Gospel of Jim”

Hey! I’m Jim, the new guy here at osg1. Mostly I’ll be reviewing games, but I’m also going to provide weekly recaps of what happens in my MMHK game.

I recently reviewed the game here, so these recaps will focus more on so exploring the game’s various features than they will on criticism—although there will be some of that, too.. I also plan to use the week’s events as a springboard for further discussion, on themes like gaming strategy, personal playing styles, how to deal with other human-controlled players, and anything else that might come up. Every player is different on these issues, so please feel free to add your own thoughts!

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Mid-Week Links

Just a couple of quick links here.

To follow the previous post about EVE Online, Gamasutra has an interview with CCP discussing EVE Online’s steep learning curve (described as “vertical”). This is definitely an issue with OSG’s, as a new player can easily be discouraged if he either doesn’t know what he’s doing or has to sit through a long tutorial before actually getting to play the game.

Might and Magic Heroes Kingdoms now has an iPad client, even though they’ve still yet to release in the States…


Quick Links

For those who are interested in the two Heroes of Might and Magic titles in the previous post, you can find a little more information about them here:

Might and Magic Heroes Kingdoms

Heroes of Might and Magic Online

That said, there’s still very little information about these, and I’m eager for them to come out of beta.

Also, here’a a pretty funny article about 10 ways to make money in the gaming industry. Despite falling under number 10 for a while now, I’ve yet to turn a pence :(