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Last War Review


Last War is the first attempt at a freemium game by Gamevil deviating from their successful retro action RPG style of games. I struggle a bit to really classify this style of game, but lets call it a hardcore menu-based World War II tactical game.

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Rock Age Review

Ingle Games is fearless. After Playdom, a developer with a rather solid reputation and a fair amount of experience using Faecbook as a game platform, released a Facebook OSG using the Evony base code, most companies might hesitate before doing the exact same thing. Ingle Games, however, stayed the course, and thus Rock Age was born.

Unlike a lot of the copy-cats out there, Ingle Games made its own creative change to the game, by ripping off Farmville and including it as part of their game. To some, it may seem like this is a horrible idea. The inclusion of the Farmville mechanic (planting seeds, harvesting crops, then selling them) as an additional way to gain resources for your city and armies is merely a tedious chore to anyone who enjoys OSG’s, and in no way improves the game. But this is a short-sighted critique. What Ingle Games has done is taken the first step to creating the Every-Game.

Have you ever been playing Farmville and suddenly wished you were playing Bejeweled instead, but also didn’t want to stop playing Farmville? This is a problem that has plagued gamers for years and finally there is a solution in sight. Rock Age is currently in Alpha; hopefully by the time we reach Beta they will replace the standard OSG warfare and instead send your troops on “jobs”, such as pulling a Heist in an enemy’s city. Of course, each job requires that your troops have enough energy, which replinishes every 5 minutes, and the necessary equipment, which you’ll construct at your Blacksmith by lining up shiney jewels that fall from the sky. You’ll also gain research points directly by posting on your friends’ walls telling them how awesome the game is. Rock Age is keeping some of the core OSG mechanics though, in the form of an end game. Once the official release lands players can claim victory by being in the alliance that purchases the “Win Game” item, available for 1,000,000 Facebook Credits.

Game Site: Rock Age on Facebook
Game Developer: Ingle Games Ltd
Rating: Don’t Waste Your Time