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Oh So Much News

I was checking bbgsite today, as I usually do. So much news!

There’s an article about a game “Human, 10000 BC” which is compared to a browser-based Starcraft II. Oddly enough, there’s no link to the game, no mention of who is making the game (even though the unnamed producer is quoted), and a Google search for “Human, 10000 BC” yields nothing save the article. Perhaps everything is still in Chinese?

Lord of Ultima has now moved to Open Beta! Looking forward to finally getting a peak at what EA has to offer the OSG community.

BBGSite posted a War of Legends review and has more info on Mech Hero, which I’m still playing in attempts to get a review out.

They also spontaneously added my review of Nemexia to their site. I guess I’m honored?


New OSG's on the Horizon

Some of the biggest names in gaming are looming on the horizon of Online Strategy Games. Both EA and Ubisoft have games currently in closed beta that turn established IP’s into OSG’s.

EA has Lord of Ultima

and Ubisoft is working on Heroes Kingdoms, which brings the popular Might and Magic series into the genre.

A lot of newer OSG’s (specifically Lord’s Online and Heroes of Gaia) seem to draw heavily from the Might and Magic series, so it will be interesting to see how the introduction of the game affects the OSG landscape. Compared to Travian Games (Travian) and Gameforge (Ikariam), EA and Ubisoft are huge companies, so it will be very interesting to see if these games will steal some of the core OSG players, or if the use of established intellectual properties will bring a whole new set of players to the genre.