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You Know You’ve Been Playing Too Much When…

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As promised, it’s time for another contest! This one will be much easier / quicker. All you have to do is post a comment filling in this sentence: “You know you’ve been playing ____ too much when…” Insert your favourite online strategy game into the blank, finish it off, and you’re done. At the end of the week (next Friday) I’ll pick my favourite and the winner will get 10 USD of virtual currency for their game. Entries will be judged based on humour, cleverness, applicability, and, most importantly, how much I like them. Feel free to enter as many times as you want! I’ll start with a few entries of my own.


Online Strategy Game News

online strategy game mmo news

One of the great things about online strategy games is that they keep evolving. Travian, Ikariam, and Aloriah are all making updates.

Ikariam recently released an update that gave paying players a bigger advantage. One of my biggest complaints about Ikariam is that I had all this money I wanted to spend, but ran out of things to purchase. Read More!

OSG1 in 2011

Consider this my very belated New Years resolution. Recently I was reading an article on one of the popular browser-game sites about recommended games for 2011 and came across this little bit about Warflow:

In WarFlow, it’s no way to stand out all on your own. You need to be a member of a nation, a legion or at least a team to get ahead in WarFlow. You need to team up with other players to defeat the NPC legions as bosses of each power. You need to line up with your legion members to win the legion battles in order to occupy a state farm. And you need to fight for your nation in Mine Wars every four days to get extra Silver. Use the Silver to equip yourself and conquer the world! Your fun is always doubled while gaming with your buddies.

Really? This is so obviously just ripped from the game’s promotional material, and makes no mention that the game is rather awful. It’s articles like these that remind me why I do OSG1.

online strategy game risk

There’s a world of would-be military geniuses out there with a few minutes to kill here and there, and there’s no one who can honestly tell them which browser based strategy games are worth their investment. At the same time, there are dozens of excellent development studious who have put out fantastic games that get no mention from BBGsite, PlayBBG, or other sites that are plastered with ads for horrid mmo’s with deep pockets.

And this is where I stand, a single gaming nerd diving into the waves of Evony clones and MMORPG-Strategy-Farming trainwrecks to pull out the real gems of the OSG genre. But I can’t do it alone.

As regular readers have probably noticed, the site recently went through a few changes. I’ve added two new pages and I’ve now included “liking”, “sharing”, and all the other kindergarden-inspired social media novelties. If you’ve enjoyed this site, do me a favour a leave a quick comment. Tell me where you hail from and what games you play. And if you really have time to kill, let me know what you like about the site or what you’d like to see more of!

And for the true Online Strategy Game fan, if you have a review, guide, or article that you want to share, let me know and I’ll happily put it up! I look forward to the day when this site, and this small community, is serious enough that the newest OSG developers will come to US to offer sneak-peeks, Beta codes, and the like, that we no longer have to troll through the capitalist traffic jams of the major Browser Game Sites.

So, leave a comment, and help make 2011 a great year for OSG1. Also look forward to more interviews and a forthcoming contest!


Ikariam.UA Shut Down

As announced in the forum, the Ukranian Ikariam server is scheduled to be closed at the end of the month. Certainly some of the players will be migrating to different servers, but either way it is very unfortunate for all of the players who have spent years nurturing their island empires.

To celebrate, the players decided to throw one final battle, and the whole world is invited! From what I’ve heard, the battle is well beyond round 1,000 now, and each round is taking the server 50 minutes to calculate. You can check out the overview report or the detailed report, though the detailed report is definitely having problems loading. Hopefully I’ll get another update once the battle is over.

To everyone on ua.ikariam.com fighting until the bitter end, на здоровье!

1 Year Celebration

Oi, somehow the days seem to slip by as we approach the end of the year. Speaking of the end of the year, OSG1 is now 1 years old! Huzzah! And look, Ikariam has dumped another load of snow to celebrate:

It’s pretty interesting that the developers are so dedicated to bringing us special graphics each holiday, but what I really want for Chirstmas is an improvement to the gameplay.

Now, I realize I’ve falled behind again this week. Let me make it up to you with a sweet image from the Travian4 Alliance:

Okay, now I’m off to chisel the next Tales of Aloriah.