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Review: Soul Master (RTS-OSG)

I’ve been hunting for a real-time strategy title to review for a while now. My options were there – Final Fantasy XIII was the clear choice, for obvious reasons – but finding an online, browser-based strategy platform with real-time management and sequencing wasn’t quite as clear. Enter Soul Master, created by German free2play developer Gamigo and ported to the North American market by GamesCampus. Gamigo has a huge portfolio of f2p games that aren’t worth talking about – but it really doesn’t matter. Soul Master is mission based, and it’s one of the only RTS-OSG browser titles we’ve found in recent weeks worthy of review. Hold on to your butts – this clock’s a tickin!

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Review: Wargames 1942

So if you’re anything like me, you dig non-fiction historical titles set in relatively recent history (as opposed to antiquity). None of the ancient nonsense, no imaginary creatures or monsters to distory your sense of reality, just good old red-blooded men dukin’ it out – up close and personal – until the bloody bitter end. With Nazis (that’s pronounced nat-sees). Wargame 1942 is a decade old – but stay with me – has kept up with us in its old age, which is why I’ve decided to spend some quality time with ‘er and review it. Set in the European terrains and battle grounds of WWII, Wargame 1942 gives you the power of commanding the development of bases, armies and navies / militaries, war technology and new strategy developments and even diplomatic powers to survive and command and conquer those Central Powers bastards – or the Allies, if your heart is made of poison gas.
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Review: Renations (Browser OSG)

Another day, another dollar – er, another strategy game! Today we’re taking a look at Renations, a pure-browser strategy game set in a post-apocalyptic Earth. Not the most original premise, but hey, radiation sells. After ‘The Great Disaster,’ a global thermonuclear plant explosion that leaves large sections of Earth shaken and disorganized, a secret society of politicians and ungodly wealthy no-gooders saw an opportunity to turn the nations against one another. Nukes followed, and eventually the entire globe was consumed in a nuclear winter, uninhabitable for thousands of years, until now. The year is 2012, and four factions have risen from the ashes. What happens between these factions is where the game takes place. Interested? Fuck yes you are. Read on for our bits & bobs, kids.
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Mobile: ‘Crimson: Steam Pirates’ for iOS

Chances are you’ve heard of Bungie Studios. They created Halo for the original X-Box. Yeah. From a creepy one bedroom apartment housing two dudes, to a fully-loaded game studio stuffed full of free snacks. From freedom to indentured servitude and back to freedom again (but still with some indentured servitude). I like these guys. Enter Crimson: Steam Pirates for iOS. I eagerly downloaded Crimson: Steam Pirates in a food-induced Christmas Coma last week. And? This may be the best iOS game I’ve ever played. Read on!