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Civ World Review

civ world, sid Meier's civilization for Facebook

Civ World is a gaming that I really wanted to like. Certainly Civilization has been one of my favourite series throughout the years, and even the latest version, Civ V, was brilliant. The main weakness of Civilization, in my opinion, has been the difficulty of multi-player. It still mostly relies on the players to organize themselves. By taking the game to Facebook, Civ World commited to fully embracing multi-player. Unfortunately, a lot of the original series’ appeal was lost in the process.

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Weekly Summary


There’s been a lot going on with OSG1 this last week, but I just realized there haven’t been any actual posts. So, let’s catch up!

First, for those of you who aren’t in Like with OSG1 on Facebook, you’ve missed a few links and updates which I’ll summarize for you here:

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Travian Reaches 400k on Facebook

travian 400k facebook fans

Travian just hit 400k fans on Facebook, which is cool. At the same time, Empires & Allies already has 400k. It’s interesting that there’s still such a separation between these two markets. Travian players have been playing browser games for years before Facebook ever showed up, and they haven’t really embraced Facebook. At the same time, the millions of Facebook users are just now being introduced to strategy games.

Anyway, be sure to check out the progress of the Travian tournament, and also the next section of the Empires & Allies guide that I just put up.