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Return of OSG1

Online Strategy Games

Could it be true? Has Oliver returned? After two long years (two years!), OSG1 (Online Strategy Games) is back!

While in the fortress of solitude, It seems there has been a huge shift in the marketplace. When I posted my last article, Online Strategy Games were really a niche market. Even among strategy-gamers, the biggest names were Civilization or Starcraft, games that you would play with a few people at most, and never offered persistent worlds. While Travian and Ikariam had millions of players worldwide, their numbers were small compared to other strategy games, and tiny compared to game franchises like World of Warcraft.

But now, the iPhone, iPad, and Android comprise some of the biggest gaming platforms out there. They are also a perfect fit for Online Strategy Games since you will always have access to your empire and can receive alerts whenever someone is attacking you. Looking at the top games on these new platforms, it seems some of the biggest ones are online strategy games!

Game of War, Kingdoms of Middle Earth, War of Nations, These titles are right up there with games like Angry Birds or Monument Valley. As foretold, OSG’s have inherited the earth! I took one look at Kate Upton here and knew it was time for OSG1 to make a comeback.

Look forward to more reviews about this new generation of mobile strategy games and see which are deserving of your military genius.

Game on!

Eternal War


Hello readers! Dipping my toes back in to the world of online strategy games. I’ll start by sharing a few links.

The Eternal War! This meme has been circling the internet lately and of course got my attention. In short, Lycerius has been playing the same game of Civilization II off and on for the last ten years. It’s reached a point where there are three superpowers, locked in an eternal stalemate, with most of the world laid to waste by nuclear war. It’s a very interesting subject, and even has its own subreddit. There’s more!

Lord of Ultima City Planning

new free original online strategy game

For me, one of the most exciting aspects of Civilization is deciding where to build my next city. Since each city’s production is determined by the surrounding terrain, it becomes an interesting spacial challenge and I have spent hours weighing the benifits of a few spots. Well, here I get the defensive bonus from being on a hill, but I loose the food bonus for the cattle. Here I gain access to the coast, but lose the iron resource… Read on!

Civ World Review

civ world, sid Meier's civilization for Facebook

Civ World is a gaming that I really wanted to like. Certainly Civilization has been one of my favourite series throughout the years, and even the latest version, Civ V, was brilliant. The main weakness of Civilization, in my opinion, has been the difficulty of multi-player. It still mostly relies on the players to organize themselves. By taking the game to Facebook, Civ World commited to fully embracing multi-player. Unfortunately, a lot of the original series’ appeal was lost in the process.

Read the full Review!

Potpourri III

civilization 5 civ 5 sale

You know, maybe I shouldn’t have been so hasty to update, then I would be able to consolidate more… Oh well. First, as the image suggests, there’s a Steam sale on Civilization 5. If you haven’t spent days on this game already, now may be a good time to pick it up. How can you resist the hexes?

But Wait, There’s More!