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Call of Gods Art Theft

call of gods ad no more bullies no farming

There I was, foraging the ditial sea, when up from the waves came another ad for “Call of Gods”. Now, let me say that I played Call of Gods for about twenty minutes earlier this year, fooled into thinking it was an OSG. Since that day I have felt YooGames (who also run servers for strategy game Warflow) should refund those twenty minutes of my life, so I am actually quite pleased to break this scandal: See the Scandal!

Browser Game Advertising in 2011

It’s nice to know that in the new year, the proud tradition of online strategy game ads hasn’t been lost. I ran across this gem the other day for Caesary. “Seize what’s yours!” Caesary. Seize. Nice. I also did a quick search for “Caesary ad” and found this one from before the game’s launch. Classic.

Also, Bio Break posted a great one for Lord of Ages featuring the guy from 300. 2011 is turning out pretty good so far. And just to save you from searching, here are some other articles about infamous browser game advertising and art theft:



Oil Fight

Today I discovered a new text-based, turn-based OSG, Oil Fight. It sounded pretty interesting: “Oilfight is an exciting online game you can play from anywhere with your web browser, competing against other players worldwide in the fight to control the world’s oil supplies. You do this by recruiting soldiers, amassing weapons, and attacking other players to steal their oil, all the while upgrading your weapons and technology.” Their registration process was less impressive.

The honor system, eh? What could possibly go wrong? Perhaps for added security they could add another check box for pinky swear. For a company so concerned with playing fair though, they sure do employ some shady practices. In Oil Fight you can choose one of 4 factions: America, Middle East, Russia, or China.

Wait a moment. Aside from the stark contrast in art style, there is something strange about the character from the Middle East. Where have I seen him before?

Oh, yes. That’s Vincent from Final Fantasy VII, after converting to Islam and swearing an oath of desaturation. OSG developers baffle me. Did they think no one would notice? Was the artist, who probably toiled for at least an hour on each of the other characters, unable to draw someone from the Middle East? And is it just me, or does the American sort of remind you of Mega Man? On the otherhand, if you don’t mind stealing art from other games, why bother drawing characters for the other factions? Why not just use Guile and Zangief? Mysteries abound.


OSG Advertising Fail

Perhaps I pay too much attention to ads. You would think though, after the whole ordeal with Evony, that other OSG’s would be more careful with their advertising campaigs.

Something struck me about these sets of ads, on top for Caesary, below for War of Legends. Regardless of whether they sound a might like Theodor Geisel, do they come off as a bit similar? Now, if this were Travian and Imperion or any other set of OSG’s run by the same company, it certainly wouldn’t be an issue. But as far I know Jagex (War of Legends) is one of the few OSG companies not to purchase a copy of Caesary, so they’re definitely competition.

So what happened here? Did one game copy the other? Did they both hire an outside advertising firm who figured they’d kill two clients with one Ad?

Then there’s this one:

Clearly that’s Sagat. Moreover, it’s a cropped painting of Sagat by Enrico Galli made over a year ago. This is perplexing. Putting aside any ethical issues about ripping off an artist or the possible legal battle with Capcom, War of Lgends has a number of their own characters they could have easily used in these ads. Look, I created two ads for them just now by stealing art off the War of Legends home page. It only took me 5 minutes and I’ve potentially saved Jagex a law suit.

You’re welcome,

Art Theft Strikes Again

I was checking out the latest game from Hithere, King and Conqueror.

At the very beginning of the game I was asked to choose a profile picture for my Hero, and noticed one of the options looked suspiciously like the Hulk. There was another that seemed familiar as well. After I built up some Mines I went to build some troops and staring back at me was an image from Pascal Blanche (second row).

I did some research and it turns out the Hulk image was done by Jonas Thornqvist. Now, I suppose it’s possible that Hithere got permission from the artists to use their work, but I sort of doubt it. Further, the Hulk is owned by Marvel, and it’s quite unlikely that Hithere would be able to get the rights to use him here. This is very similar to what Castle Age was caught doing a while back… We’ll see what happens.


Castle Age

I stumbled across a nice looking Facebook App, Castle Age. Based on the ad I thought it might be an OSG but it turns out to be a re-skin of Mafia Wars (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

For more info you can check out Inside Social Games (sorry for all the ads there, not my cup ‘o tea either).

Apparently the game also had some copywrite issues last year, and there’s an interetsing article about that at You Thought We Wouldn’t Notice. Reminds me alot of the Chun Li Kingory ads a while back.

Anyway, it seems like they’ve since resolved the conflict and the game is pretty fun. If anyone wants to help me defeat Krull, the Orc Captain, you can find me as Oliver Godfreed on Facebook.