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It’s been only a week, but as with our digital empires, the world of persistent browser based games is always leveling up. Behold the latest news.

First, one of the browser games I’ve spent a lot of time with, Aloriah, has integrated with Facebook. Now you can play the game through your Facebook account, post to your wall, and all the other social networking tricks the kids are in to. Keep beholding!

Tales of Aloriah II – pt6

browser strategy game aloriah

Well, it has been a long while but it’s time to catch up. The war with Aernoud is in full swing. I went to work taking back my mine and the nearby tower. This pissed him off again and in came his Slepenir horses. I have to say, it’s a little demoralizing when I don’t even kill one of his Berserkers, but that’s okay. I have no delusions of defeating Aernoud militarily, only morally. Keep Reading!

Tales of Aloriah II – pt3

browser strategy game aloriah

Another week in the world of Aloriah. It started with a message straight out of the past. “Aernoud: please leave my towers alone”. So, my ancient nemisis returns! It’s interesting, I started on the opposite side of the world this time, but I’m still running in to the same players. Anyway, I went right on taking his towers, especially the ones out in the sea beacuse I knew he’d have better things to do then come after me.

The Conflict Continues!