Game of War: Tips and Tricks

Game of War Tips Tricks

Whether you’re a newcomer or a seasoned veteran, Game of War cleverly manages to attack you with decision making challenges which require some thought and effort to overcome. While some of them occur from the sheer vastness of the game and the diversity of possible gameplay styles, others arise from the partial information intentionally placed for you, the player, to explore.

Since you made it this far, I’ll try to shed some light on some of the most frequent hidden mechanisms in the game, hopefully helping you by backing your decision making process with some solid gameplay facts. Shall we start?

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War of Nations Review


War of Nations is a great OSG that forges new ground in a lot of areas, but stays true to the core strategy gameplay.

With a modern-military setting, as expected you’ll upgrade buildings to harvest Oil, Steel, Gasoline, and Money. You’ll train tanks, helicopters, mechs, and more.

What really sets War of Nations apart is that there is no separate city view and map view. Your main base consists of a dozen or so building slots around your Command Center, all of which are directly on the map. You can see specifically which buildings anyone else in the game has, and can target the directly. If you want to raid Oil, you should attack an enemy Oil Derrick, or if you want to raid Gasoline, you should attack an enemy Refinery.

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Game of War Review


Game of War is a fascinating case study (if you’re a strategy game nerd such as myself). On the one hand it is the pinnacle and refinement of the online strategy game genre, but in other ways it is the desecration of the same.

Looking straight at the mechanics, it’s easy to trace the lineage from Travian, to Evony, Kingdoms of Middle Earth, and finally Game of War. Build and upgrade mines to harvest resources, spent to upgrade more buildings, train troops, and do research. There are five different troop classes with the standard loop of who beats who. Infantry beats Cavalry beats Ranged, etc. As is standard these days you also have a hero who provides bonuses to your economy and military, levels up, etc. It also uses the “tried and true” medieval theme, which I have long-since grown tired of.

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Return of OSG1

Online Strategy Games

Could it be true? Has Oliver returned? After two long years (two years!), OSG1 (Online Strategy Games) is back!

While in the fortress of solitude, It seems there has been a huge shift in the marketplace. When I posted my last article, Online Strategy Games were really a niche market. Even among strategy-gamers, the biggest names were Civilization or Starcraft, games that you would play with a few people at most, and never offered persistent worlds. While Travian and Ikariam had millions of players worldwide, their numbers were small compared to other strategy games, and tiny compared to game franchises like World of Warcraft.

But now, the iPhone, iPad, and Android comprise some of the biggest gaming platforms out there. They are also a perfect fit for Online Strategy Games since you will always have access to your empire and can receive alerts whenever someone is attacking you. Looking at the top games on these new platforms, it seems some of the biggest ones are online strategy games!

Game of War, Kingdoms of Middle Earth, War of Nations, These titles are right up there with games like Angry Birds or Monument Valley. As foretold, OSG’s have inherited the earth! I took one look at Kate Upton here and knew it was time for OSG1 to make a comeback.

Look forward to more reviews about this new generation of mobile strategy games and see which are deserving of your military genius.

Game on!

Review: Endless Space (PC)

Space has had a soft spot in this geek’s heart from the first time I saw Star Wars as a kid. The Death Star, aliens, the endlessly vast, dark-mattered frontier – what’s not to love?! It’s also a fairly common strategy genre that, after working for OSG1 for a while and having reviewed many of these space titles, I’ve grown somewhat wary of. That being said, Endless Space takes the space strategy genre and fully exploits each and every opportunity for strategy execution. This title isn’t online, but in keeping with our strategy-as-a-whole interest, we review nonline strategy titles every once in a while. If it’s really fucking good. I’ll just come right out and say it – Endless Space is a game every OSG1’er should have a go at. …Dive In…

Battalion:Arena Review (Online)

First things first – the title we are reviewing here is, for the most part, Battalion: Ghosts, albeit the online chapter of this strategy title is the aforementioned Battalion: Arena. After prepping for a writeup on Ghosts, and having spent a bit of time playing it and assessing its strengths and weaknesses for you lovely OSG1’ers, the online Ghosts community seemed to have been begging for an online addition up until it was released. Urban Squall’s Battalion series has been a crowd pleaser since it was released in 2008, and the release of its Arena system only improved (and in the time I’ve spent with the title, I can whole heartedly recommend continuing with it). In keeping with our journalistic brilliance (and humility), we have combined the best from our Ghosts review and added on the Arena info for a wholesome, well-rounded insider’s perspective of Battalion: Ghosts + Arena. …Go Get Em!…

God of Axion Beta

God of Axion Goes Beta

Cheers, dear readers. Today one of my favourite OSG’s goes Beta! Believe me when I say I’ve played a LOT of online strategy games, and so it’s nice to find one with such a refreshing theme and gameplay. Though I missed out on most of their final round, I’m excited for the Beta which starts today.

On top of the game itself, the developers are one of the most community-centered that I have encountered, especially more so than the big chaps Travian, Evony, and Ikariam.

Full disclosure though, I am hoping that you’ll check out the game through my referal link to earn me some premium points :)



We’ve been doing for three years and can’t imagine a better group of ghouls to be writing for. Here’s lookin’ at you, kids. In honor of this most terrifying holiday, we here at OSG1 have put together a special Halloween edition of our little blog publication. What follows is a no-holds-barred selection of a handful of our favorite horror games – strategy or otherwise – cherry-picked from varying genres such as old-school Point-and-Click, Adventure / Survival, 3rd Person and FPS. Read on, if you dare. …Boo!…

Review: Rage of Storms

Although German developers ‘Publisher Worldwidegames’ (terrible name guys) announced an open beta almost a year ago, Rage of Storms hadn’t caught my eye until two weeks ago, when my German roommate Ronnie’s laptop was open to an awesome looking war game. “What’s the game, bra?!” I asked, and when he retorted “It’s Rage, freund!” I knew it was time to take a closer look and write a review. Let’s do it, yeah? This is Rage of Storms.
… Do it. …