List of MMO Strategy Games

Searching for games like Travian? Games likes Ikarian? Game like Evony? Need a new PBBG, MMORTS, or OSG? Well, look no further.

God of Axion
Game Site: GodofAxion.com
Publisher: 7E games
Rating: Play it!

Notes: A deep OSG set in the sky

Game Site: Travian.com
Publisher: Travian Games
Rating: Play it!

Notes: One of the most popular OSG’s to date

Game Site: Ikariam.com
Publisher: Gameforge
Review: Ikariam Review at OSG1
Rating: Play it!

Notes: Ikariam is a 2D browser-based-strategy MMO set in the Greek Isles.

Game Site: Evony.com
Publisher: Evony, LLC
Review: Evony Review at OSG1
Rating: Worth Checking Out

Notes: Evony is a 2d strategy MMO with a medieval theme. Best known for its aggressive and risque marketing, Evony has build up a large audience with a traditional but well-polished presentation.

Game Site: 1100AD.com
Publisher: AmberGames
Review: 1100AD Review at OSG1
Rating: Don’t Waste Your Time

Notes: A medieval OSG with an intricate battle-formations system.

9 Empires
Game Site: 9 Empires
Publisher: JustAgame

Rating: Down but Not (Yet) Out

Notes: 9 Empires is designed to be a fantasy strategy game with RPG elements. Certainly promising, but right now, as of January 9, 2012, the game is offline. We will update accordingly if it ever comes back.

Age of Ocean
Game Site: Ao.Hithere.com
Publisher: Hithere
Review: Age of Ocean Review at OSG1
Rating: Worth Checking Out

Notes: Age of Ocean is a unique OSG where players command a fleet of ships in the age of exploration. Players will trade goods across the world and engage in sea-battles. Game is now dead. RIP.

Game Site: Aloriah.com
Publisher: Devillusion Entertainment
Review: Aloriah Review at OSG1
Rating: Play it!

Notes: A fantasy OSG with a unique graphical style and an emphasis on exploring the world and slaying dragons.

Game Site: Antzzz.org
Review: Antzzz Review at OSG1
Rating: Play it!

Notes: A unique OSG from France where you control an ant hill. Has a number of cool new game mechanics.

Armies of Gielinor
Game Site: ArmiesOfGielinor
Publisher: Fun Orb

Population: Low by Nature (real smart there Fun Orb..)
Rating: Oliver doesn’t hate it.

Notes: Turn based strategy game for up to 8 players, based on ye olde Runescape. Many different units so plenty to consider. Worth a try. Need Java!

Asgard Heroes
Game Site: Asgardheroes.com
Publisher: Evolution Vault
Review: Asgard Heroes Review at OSG1
Rating: Don’t Waste Your Time

Notes: A space-themed OSG that’s loosely based on the Stargate universe.

Astro Empires
Game Site: Astroempires.com
Publisher: Astro Heroes

Notes: “Expand your empire, research new technologies, trade with other players, form alliances, fight epic battles and much more!”.

Game Site: Batheo.Clapalong.com
Publisher: Power Hosts Techonology Limited

Notes: A Greek Online Strategy Game with heavy RPG elements. Warflow is based on the same code.

Battle Dawn
Game Site: Battledawn.com
Publisher: Tacticsoft
Review Battle Dawn Review at Brighthub

Notes: A collection of OSG’s in various themes (fantasy, modern, and Mars), that share a unique style of gameplay. Each server is much faster than your typical OSG.

Battle of Gods
Game Site: BattleofGods.com
Publisher: BoG Team

Notes: Battle of Gods is a Medieval OSG where players can move their hero around the world and battle monsters. It feels alot like Heroes of Might and Magic.

Game Site: Godstoria
Publisher: FIAA GmbH

Notes: An online strategy game based on the Bible? This update notes it was renamed to Godstoria. Now with even more Bible stories to read! Yay!

Game Site: Caesary.Aeriagames.com
Game Site: Kongregate.com/games/caesary/caesary
Review: Caesary Review at OSG1
Rating: Worth Checking Out

Notes: Caesary is essentially Evony in a new dress. You can play it through various game portals. It is a very standard Online Strategy Game

Game Site: Casvian

Rating: Worth Checking Out Just for the art at least!

Population: Mid

Notes: Medieval fantasy setting, great art, nice UI, bread and butter OSG gameplay. NPC and PVP battles. I’d check it out if I were you.

Clash of Kingdoms
Game Site: ck.Koramgame.com
Publisher: Koramgame
Review: Clash of Kingdoms Review at OSG1
Rating: Worth Checking Out

Notes: In Clash of Kingdoms, set in ancient China, every player starts as part of a Kingdom and fight over a finite number of cities.

Cultures Online
Game Site: Cultures-Online.Gamigo.com
Publisher: Gamigo

Notes: A Viking-themed mix between an OSG and an RPG. “Cultures Online is a free-to-play browser-based Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game. After you have registered for the game, you can test your skill against other Vikings and chat with other players in the forum.”

Game Site: Damoria.com
Publisher: Damoria GmbH

Notes: Yet another medieval OSG

Dark Age Wars
Game Site: DarkAgeWars
<Publisher: Pixabit

Population: Mid to Low

Notes: An online strategy game focused on a medieval setting. Great art work, game is tried and true mechanic of gather resources, build, send armies.

Dark Expanse
Game Site: www.deorc.com/DarkExpanse/
<Publisher: Deorc Enterprise

Notes: A Sci-fi online strategy game being developed by a friend of a reader.

Desert Operations
Game Site: www.desertops.co.uk
Publisher: Looki
Review: Desert Operations Review at OSG1

Notes: A modern-warfare OSG with impressive graphics.

Dynasty Saga
Game Site: Dynasty Saga
Publisher: Koram

Rating: Worth half a day of your time at least.

Population: Mid

Notes: Merges city building strategie tactics with the story telling of RPGs. So it’s worth checking out at least for the story. Now you know why the rating is the way it is.

Empire Craft
Game Site: ec.Hithere.com
Publisher: Hithere
Review: Empire Craft Review at The Gamer’s Circus

Notes: Medieval OSG with good and evil races and a focus on heroes.

Game Site: emporea.bigpoint.com
Publisher: Bigpoint

Notes: A fantasy OSG with real-time-strategy game elements. The game has some fairly impressive graphics for being flash and browser-based.

Game Site: EnuaOnline.com
Publisher: Enuaonline © 2010
Review: EnuaOnline Review at OSG1
Rating: Worth Checking Out

Notes: An Italian-fantasy OSG with a healthy dose of real-time-strategy-game elements.

Game Site: eRepublik.com
Publisher: eRepublik
Review: eRepublik Review at OSG1
Rating: Play it!

Notes: The first massive-online-social-strategy game. A mix between an OSG and Mafia Wars.

Game Site: Escaria
Publisher: Inqnet GmbH

Notes: Midrange size player base, Quests available, Premium options slaughter balance, Island vs island, gameplay not very deep

Excalibur Online
Game Site: ExcaliburMMO.com
Publisher: Radiance Digital Entertainment

Notes: “Set in the days before Camelot”

Fog of War: Napoleonic War
Game Site: NapWar.com
Publisher: SoHo Union International, Ltd.

Notes: An OSG centered around Napoleon Bonaparte and the French Empire during the series of conflicts known as the Napoleonic Wars.

Game Site: fo.IGG.com
Publisher: IGG Inc

Notes: An OSG in a fantasy/steampunk world…with very attractive advisors.

Game Site: apps.Facebook.com/Geopolitics
Publisher: Developed by “Koray”

Notes: A Facebook-based MMO centered around building villages, training troops, and attacking other players.

Global Wars
Game Site: GlobalWars.org
Publisher: Imperia Games

Notes: An apocalyptic, end-of-days strategy game that tries to be more realistic than your average OSG.

Glory of Rome
Game Site: Glory of Rome on Facebook
Publisher: Kabam, Inc.

Notes: A Facebook Online Strategy Game set in ancient Rome.

Godfather Five Families
Game Site: Godfather Five Families
Publisher: Kabam, Inc.

Population: Mid

Rating: Definitely worth your time.
Notes: Godfather OSG. It’s an offer you can’t refuse. Epic game is epic. Get going, capisce?

Golden Age
Game Site: GoldenAge
Publisher: Aeria games

Notes: Menus may confuse you, Large community, gameplay isn’t as deep as other more renown OSGs.

Game Site: en.Grepolis.com
Publisher: InnoGames Gmbh

Notes: An OSG set in ancient Greece

Heroes of Gaia
Game Site: hog.WebMMO.com
Publisher: Ray Flame Entertainment Inc

Notes: A beautiful game that plays very similar to Heroes of Might and Magic

Hukumdar Online
Game Site: www.GamersFirst.com/HukumdarOnline/
Publisher: GamesFirst.com

Notes: As far as I can tell, this is just “Lords Online” in disguise…

Game Site: Illydriad.co.uk
Publisher: Illyriad Games Limited

Notes: A fantasy OSG. “Illyriad is a free-to-play, real-time, browser-based Massively-Multiplayer fantasy strategy game. The Kingdom of Illyriad is an exciting world of opportunities and challenges where you build your empire from scratch in the manner of your own choosing.”

Immortal Cities: Nile Online
Game Site: PlayNileOnline.com
Publisher: Tilted Mill Entertainment

Notes: An OSG set in ancient Egypt with a focus on refining resources.

Imperia Online
Game Site: ImperiaOnline.org
Publisher: Imperia Online

Notes: Yet another medieval OSG

Game Site: Imperion.org
Publisher: Travian Games
Review: Imperion Review at OSG1
Rating: Play it!

Notes: Imperion is a space-themed OSG from the makers of Travian.

Khan Wars
Game Site: Khanwars.com
Publisher: XS Software
Review: Khan Wars Review at OSG1
Rating: Play it!

Notes: Khan Wars is an OSG set in Medieval Eastern Europe. BBGSite.com named it their Favorite Strategy Game of 2009

King and Conqueror
Game Site: kc.hirthere.com
Publisher: Hithere
Review: King and Conquerer Review at MMOHut

Notes: A dark-fantasy OSG with rich graphics. Players can choose to between Orcs, Humans, or Chaos.

King War
Game Site: KingWar
Publisher: King-War.com

Population: Low

Notes: A fantasy OSG with 2D low graphics but great variety in races (around 12). Free to play in browser or download. On an unknown age, on the continent Carlos, all these races fight for survival. You choose which one does.

Kingdoms of Camelot
Game Site: apps.facebook.com/KingdomsofCamelot/
Publisher: Watercooler
Review Kingdoms of Camelot Review at Social Gaming World

Notes: An OSG on Facebook.

Game Site: Kingory.com
Publisher: JoyPort UUYX
Review: Kingory Review at The Gamer’s Circus

Notes: Kingory is an oriental OSG that’s very similar to Evony.

King’s Age
Game Site: KingsAge.com
Publisher: Gameforge

Notes: Yet another medieval OSG

Kings of Nations
Game Site: KingsofNations.com
Publisher: Kings of Nations
Review: Kings of Nations Mini-Review at OSG1.com
Rating: Don’t Waste Your Time

Notes: It’s Eastern Civilization vs. Western Civilization on randomly generated maps in this browser-based game.

Konoro Kingdom
Game Site: Konoro.org
Developer: Konoro Games
Review: Konoro Kingdom Review at OSG1
Rating: Worth Checking Out

Notes: A refreshing “garage style” OSG with a couple of fresh concepts. The game stars a unique cast of cute, colorful ball characters.

Land of Destiny

Game Site: LandofDesinty.com

Publisher: Land of Desinty

Notes: A Medieval OSG with unique graphics and a focus on refining resources.

Legacy of the Holy Castle

Game Site: Holy.WebMMO.com

Publisher: Ray Flame Entertainment Inc

Review: Legacy of the Holy Castle Review at OSG1

Rating: Worth Checking Out

Notes: A mostly text-based fantasy OSG with a focus on the hero and some interesting new game concepts.

Lord of Ages

Game Site: LordofAges.com

Publisher: Regan Mercantile LLC

Review: Lord of Ages Review at OSG1

Rating: Don’t Waste Your Time

Notes: Yet another Evony Clone

Lord of Ultima

Game Site: LordofUltima.com

Publisher: Electronic Arts

Review: Lord of Ultima Review at OSG1

Rating: Play it!

Notes: A solid, fantasy-themed game that has a traditional OSG feel but enough new elements to make it feel fresh.

Lords of Evil

Game Site: Lord.WebMMO.com

Publisher:Ray Flame Entertainment Inc

Notes: A dark Medieval OSG with where players play as Orcs and such.

Lords Online

Game Site: LO.IGG.com

Publisher: IGG Inc.

Notes: A Medieval OSG where players can move their hero around the world and battle monsters. A mix between Evony and Heroes of Might and Magic.


Game Site: Maegica

Publisher: Maegica.com

Population: Low but with new server 2, so its population is growing steadily.

Notes: An OSG that combines fantasy with strategy and makes chaos out of it, in a good day. Worth checking out.”

Mech Hero

Game Site: MechHero.com

Publisher: Intelligence Inside Solutions

Notes: An OSG, with Mechs! “Your goal is to build stable economy, construct an army of gigantic robots, expand your territory, fight the enemies and finally escape from dying planet!”


Game Site: Medievo.com

Publisher: Lumentech

Notes: A Medieval-times OSG that’s popular in Brazil. If you’re thinking of playing, you might want to brush up on your Portuguese.

Might and Magic Heroes Kingdoms

Game Site: MightAndMagicHeroesKingdoms.ubi.com

Publisher: Ubisoft

Notes: An OSG based on the popular Might and Magic franchise. Currently in open beta in France.

Ming Dynasty

Game Site: MinistryOfWar.com

Publisher: Snail Games USA

Notes: Another Flash-based OSG from the developers of Heroes of Gaia. It claims to be “a quantum leap forward in empire combat”./a>

Ministry of War

Game Site: MinistryOfWar.com

Publisher: Snail Games USA

Notes: Another Flash-based OSG from the developers of Heroes of Gaia. It claims to be “a quantum leap forward in empire combat”./a>


Game Site: Nemexia.com

Publisher: XS Software

Review: Nemexia Review at OSG1
Rating: Worth Checking Out

Notes: A space-themed OSG where players choose beteween three races and defend (or obliterate) entire galaxies.

Neorift: Nova

Game Site: NoeRift.com

Publisher: Shadowroot Games

Notes: A sci-fi themed online strategy game with minimal graphics./a>


Game Site: Ogame.com

Publisher: Gameforge GmbH

Notes: A space-themed OSG.

Realm of Empires

Game Site: RealmOfEmpires.com or Facebook Page

Notes: Another Facebook OSG set in Medieval times.

Sengoku IXA

Game Site: Sengokuixa.jp/

Publisher: Sun Ground, ltd.
Notes: An OSG from Square Enix and Yahoo Japan. Takes place during the Warring States period of Japan. The developer plans to make the game PlayStation 3 compatible.

The Seventh Dragon

Game Site: Dragon.BG-Time.com/

Publisher: Sun Ground, ltd.
Notes: A fantasy OSG with cute graphics and an emphasis on heroes.

Space Invasion

Game Site: SpaceInvasion.Bigpoint.com

Publisher: Bigpoint GmbH

Notes: Bet you can’t guess where this strategy game takes place. Build up your space kingdom, settle on new planets, and protect your base.

Stone Age Kings

Game Site: stoneagekings.de

Publisher: Gorilla Gaming

Notes: An OSG set in the Stone Age. It won “Strategy Browser Game of the Year 2009”. Currently it is only in German.

Supremacy 1914

Game Site: Supremacy1914.com

Publisher: Bytro Labs
Review: Supremacy 1914 Review at OSG1

Notes: A World War 1 strategy game, with each game hosting about 30 players and lasting a month.


Game Site: T1.Tauriworld.com

Publisher: Source Inc
Notes: A real-time Steam Punk OSG. The game focuses on colonization and lets players explore different islands on different worlds.


Game Site: Tanadu.com

Publisher: Can’t Stop Games

Notes: Choose from three different nations throughout a rich world in this colorful OSG with solid cartoon graphics.


Game Site: Tenuki

Publisher: Tenuki.eu

Population: Mid

Notes: Trade, conquer, manufacture. Space will be your final frontier, and in 3 different ways! Lots of stuff to grab, maintain, build, and research. Kind of archaic UI but still a good game. Text based game.

Three Kingdoms Online

Game Site: tk.koramgame.com

Publisher: Koramgame

Notes: “Based on Romance of Three Kingdoms, the most famous classical work in China, Three Kingdoms Online unfolds a period of warring kingdoms, talented heroes and everlasting conflicts . As an ambitious and talented leader, you will build up your legendary city-state in the land this land of chaos.”

Thresh Wars

Game Site: ThreshWars.com

Publisher: CloudPlay, Inc.
Notes:A turn-based semi-real-time-strategy game set in a desolate future. Four different species all fight each other to survive.


Game Site: Torpia.com

Publisher: Webgamic
Review: Torpia Review at OSG1

Notes: A Medieval OSG where players choose between two classes, good or evil, focusing of either refining resources or military.


Game Site: TF.PlayComet.com

Publisher: Play Comet

Review: Transforce Review at OSG1
Rating: Don’t Waste Your Time

Notes: Transforce is an OSG “inspired” by Transformers.

Tribal Wars

Game Site: TribalWars.net

Publisher: InnoGames GmbH

Notes: Tribal Wars is a browser-based game set in the Middle Ages. Every player controls a small village, striving for power and glory.


Game Site: Twars.eu

Publisher: Shersoft

Notes: The player assumes the role of the leader of a small Roman village and developers the city and state. Interact with different Roman gods, and give them offerings for magic spells and blessings for your city.

Utopia Kingdoms

Game Site: UtopiaKingdoms.com

Publisher: Jolt Online

Review: Utopida Kingdoms Review at OSG1
Rating: Play it!

Notes: Utopia is a reskin of Khan Wars with a fun fantasy setting and comic-inspired art.


Game Site: Apps.Facebook.com/verdonia/

Publisher: Playdom

Notes: Verdonia is essentially an Evony clone for Facebook.


Game Site: Warbrew

Publisher: Warbrew.com

Notes: Warbrew has made it into a longer version of the beta and is currently taking new players. It is your regular build/troops/resources OSG but it is much slower paced. Be patient with the landing page’s 1990’s look too. Hideous!

War 2: Dawn of Nations

Game Site: DawnOfNations.com

Publisher: Element36

Notes: Dawn of Nations appears to be an ugrade/re-release/new installment of the World War 2 strategy game War 2. The new website looks sharper than the old one, yet strangely, it doesn’t seem to reference the previous game despite the similarities.

War of 2012
Game Site: WarOf2012
Publisher: CaPlay
Notes: War of 2012 is an OSG set in a medieval world. You wouldn’t get that from the year set in the war. The game’s graphics, depth, gameplay, progression, interface, and translations are set in the “Junk Bond” level. No wonder this game also has a low player count.
War of Legends
Game Site: WarofLegends.jagex.com
Publisher: Jagex Limited
Notes: War of Legends is an OSG set in a fantasy oriental world. It plays very similar to Evony/Kingory/etc.
Game Site: Warflow.Dovogame.com

Publisher: Dovogame

Notes: A Chinese Online Strategy Game with heavy RPG elements. Batheo is based on the same code.

Warrior Legends
Game Site: wl.playcomet.com
Publisher: Playcomet
Notes: An OSG set in ancient China. Very similar to WWII Warfare.
Wild Guns

Game Site: WildGuns.co.uk

Publisher: Gameforge Productions Gmbh

Review: Wild Guns Review at BrightHub
Rating: Worth Checking Out

Notes: A Western-themed OSG that’s essentially Travian with better graphics.

World of Ants

Game Site: WorldofAnts

Publisher: Neonga

Population: Low-to-Mid

Notes: Research, build, destroy/conquer, but with ants. Nice graphics, nice twist on classes (or should i say bugs). Certainly worth a look.

World of Lordcraft

Game Site: LordCraft.com

Publisher: Lordcraft.com

Population: Low

Notes: 10 minutes a day to issue orders and players can log out and let the game run on auto-mode. Has little to do with WoW.

WWII Assembly

Game Site: ww2a.playcomet.com

Publisher: Playcomet

Notes: An OSG set in World War 2. Yes, this is a different game than WWII Warfare…

WWII Warfare

Game Site: ww2.playcomet.com

Publisher: Playcomet

Review: WWII Warfare Review at OSG1
Rating: Worth Checking Out

Notes: An OSG set in World War 2. Features a nice UI and a wide variety of troop-types.


Game Site: Xemerys.com

Publisher: Xemerys.com

Notes: From site: “Xemerys is a browser-based city sim economic strategy where the main feature is deep gameplay. Inspired by classics such as Civilizations, Sim City, or Caesar.” The game is still in beta.

Zorg Empire

Game Site: ZorgEmpire

Publisher: ZorgEmpire.net

Population: Mid

Notes: Not to be confused with Zergs, that’s more for Starcraft. Zorg is more heavily focused on the numbers/text than on graphics/visuals. New signups are given generous space for building, however.

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