Empires & Allies Guide

Welcome to OSG1’s Empires & Allies strategy guide. This will walk you through each of the battles, leading all the way up to Raven himself. Click on any of the images below to go to that particular campgain. More will be added as I progress through the game, hoping to be the first player to slay Raven! If you’d like to be my ally, find me, Oliver Godfreed, and OSG1 on Facebook.

Also, if there’s any other information, help, or strategies about the game you’d like me to cover, just leave a comment and I’ll be happy to.

empires & allies guide empires and allies

empires & allies guide empires and allies

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    • I’m a beginner palyer n I just can’t see how to expand my empire can u help me thru this?
      Also I definately can’t afford Empire Points, Can’t i still play without? I mean yes I’m advancing to new levels I just wonder if it willl come to that point that I won’t be able to play w/o the points. And I don’t have many friends who play this game how can I add others to help me progress w/o them on my page?? thanks so much for your help. CeCe

  • Someone already killed raven a few weeks ago. Plus im level 26 and haven’t used a single empire point with 200+ of each ore, 1000000 coins already and a large empire im only short of wood and oil

    • Yeah. Someone beat me to Raven. Some of these players are crazy! I’ll be getting there soon though. One of the things that really breaks me out of a game are these “single player MMOs”. Like, supposedly there’s this big bad Raven guy terrorizing the world of E&A, but he’s already been killed. But now I have to kill him again? Everyone has to kill him themselves? It sort of breaks the fiction. But whatever.

    • They’ve added a few more buildings that weren’t in the original game. However, if you’ve already built a higher-level building, these don’t seem to do anything.

      Really you just need to add the biggest government building you have available. Let me know if you still have trouble!

    • If you didn’t get help with this here is what you do: add each type of ore to the market one at a time. (put up copper and then confirm, then so forth and so on)

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