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  • Hi! I’m looking for the best game, I’ve tried Ogame, Kingdoms of camelot and Astro Empires, I think they are fun, but not enough. You look like knows very well this kind of games, so, what’s the best game for you? Thank you!

    PD: I’m from Spain, sorry for my english

    • Spanish speakers welcome!

      When you say Ogame and Astro Empires are “not enough”, I would recommend Aloriah or Enua Online, since both of these are a little more engaging and require a little more time commitment. If you look at either game, let me know what you think!

  • Hi Oliver.
    I have been perusing this website for a couple of days because my alliance is looking for a new home.
    We began playing evony and then moved to War of Legends, both of which we played for a year. We are now looking for a new ‘home’…a RTS war game, preferably browser based that we can invest another year in. We would like something with strong support staff and a decently large community. Anything new or interesting out there that is worth checking out? We are looking into LoU but it looks like it will be quite a while until we can delve into war there.
    Any direction would be appreciated!

    • Hey Linden, great to have you here. If there’s already a group of you I would suggest Clash of Kingdoms. I would say it offers the most options for real strategy, and if there are a few of you, you may be able to lead a whole Kingdom. In terms of an active community and getting into war quickly, Travian is probably a good bet if you haven’t played it yet.

  • Hey Oliver, you should take a look at renations.com. I think you’ll like it! (it’s a new strategy MMO, not so much graphics but stunning game mechanics)

  • Hey Oliver,

    I came across your blog and was wondering if you wanted to trade links. I have an mmo review website (mmoattack.com) and think it would help both of us out to link to eachothers site :) Let me know if you’re interested.


  • Mediaevalia.com is a text-based browser game that takes the european nations of our time back to the past in a medieval place called Mediaevalia. Everybody is invited in the medieval adventure of a virtual lifetime, in a place where you can become a member of a guild or a military order, a mayor of a town of the leader of a nation.

    There are more than 30 available resources and more than 60 finished products made by the guild/military order members. There are free elections, trading companies, political groups, taverns, inns, distilleries, mills, 4 medieval guilds, 3 famous military orders, conflicts, alliances and much more to be found on mediaevalia.com.

    Mediaevalia.com is a open-project, opened to the imagination of everybody.

  • Can we get a list of your favorite OSG’s that aren’t pay to win, or only pay for small bonuses sort of like grepolis or ogame?

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