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Tales of Aloriah II – pt6

browser strategy game aloriah

Well, it has been a long while but it’s time to catch up. The war with Aernoud is in full swing. I went to work taking back my mine and the nearby tower. This pissed him off again and in came his Slepenir horses. I have to say, it’s a little demoralizing when I don’t even kill one of his Berserkers, but that’s okay. I have no delusions of defeating Aernoud militarily, only morally. Keep Reading!

Tales of Aloriah II – pt3

browser strategy game aloriah

Another week in the world of Aloriah. It started with a message straight out of the past. “Aernoud: please leave my towers alone”. So, my ancient nemisis returns! It’s interesting, I started on the opposite side of the world this time, but I’m still running in to the same players. Anyway, I went right on taking his towers, especially the ones out in the sea beacuse I knew he’d have better things to do then come after me.

The Conflict Continues!

Tales of Aloriah, IX

And so it ends. Gorogorosama mounted his new-born Sleipnir steed and charged bravely into the Molten Ashland, only to find that the Mother Dragon had already been slain. And who was standing there, sword dripping with ancient blood? None other than my nemisis, Aernoud!

It is very frustrating, but very fitting, to have him slay the beast before me. And while I defeated Aernoud in our first hostile encounters, he was always a couple steps ahead of me. For example, when Boom-Shaka cast far sight to survey the area around where I planned to settle in the Molten Ashland, it seemed that Aernoud was already controlling the neighborhood diamond mine!

And then there was the time early in the game when I asked Ookyaas about joining forces…

It’s also a great feature that everyone gets to see how the final battle turned out. That gives me an idea of what I need to prepare for next time.

Anyway, while it is sad that the game is over, I had a lot of fun and am fairly pleased with my progress. In the end I was ranked at 62, and I think 25th when looking at Civilization Size, which I think is a better indication of how close I was to victory. I had 4 of the 5 Mother Dragon Item Set, had gotten pretty good at skinnging dragons for diamonds, and Rathlin was a virtual Berserker Factory. I also had all the CP and Settlers I needed to enter the final Climate Zone. So close! I also learned a lot about the game and should do even better next time. Mother Dragon and Aernoud, you have been warned!

Thank you all for reading, and I hope you’ve enjoyed the Tales of Aloriah. Happy 2011!


Tales of Aloriah, Seven

Oh noes!

When I logged in and saw that this week, reading “Would you like to continue playering even after the Mother Dragon has been killed? As of today the game ‘starts over’…” I thought someone had already beaten me to slay the great worm, but thankfully it was just a survey about tweaking the end game. So the journey continues!

I finally settled my village in Misty Marshes as promised.

Lucky me, I seem to be pretty close to my old friend Aernoud. And I’ve already been set upon by two Emerald Dragon attacks. Fortunatealy I prevailed. I like to think the Blue Dragon head helped, but maybe it was my 1,500 berserkers and Gorogorosama’s righteous Warcry. Either way, I claimed a Magic Dragon Glyph, so I’m all set to strike into the Molten Ashlands, right after I get 8 more CP. Of course, I only have 7 more levels of Argyll’s Council Hall to upgrade, so I’ll have to pull of some sort of voodoo magic before pressing on.

Speaking of voodoo magic. Gorram. There was an auction in Moyle last night for another Bonzai Tree, which would have given me that CP I need, plus an extra controllable mine. I had it locked up with 18,000 Gold, and a little after 1am, as the clock ticked down the final seconds, I went up to 19,000 Gold just in case of snipers. But gorram:

On the plus side, Soft-foot has been doing a great job sailing around, plundering cities, claiming mines, and siezing lookout towers. I even got the Silver Great Visionary Achievement. Only 6 more lookout towers til Gold! Hopefully this next week will be just as productive.


Tales of Aloriah, 110

I’ve been putting off writing today’s Tales of Aloriah, because I was hoping to report that I’d founded my fourth village in Misty Marshes. Unfortunately, the only problem with brining 1,000 Bear Riders along is that they don’t ride very quickly. I’ve already got my spot picked out though, thanks to Boom-Shaka’s “Farsight”. As with Moyle, it’s near a lookout tower, which will save me having to build watchtowers myself. The wildlife don’t look too friendly though. Ideally I’d find something with a Gold Mine nearby, but I don’t know if I have the patience to trudge through the marshes with my Bear Riders.

On my way out of Dry Steppes I passed by Aernoud again. Three Sleipnir Horses, holy smokes. I was happy to let him take on the Dragons himself. I also did the calculations and it seems like I could have taken him if need be, but our paths never crossed. Lucky for him.

Meanwhile, my third hero, Soft-Foot, has been sailing around the Tropical Islands. I figure this is a good place to find players to raid. My ideal targets have a score around 1,000, meaning they’ve made it to the Tropical Islands and have some gold but aren’t really a threat. I had planned on just plundering my way around the entire world and then using a Scroll of Recall, but I didn’t get very far before my inventory got full. Also, I bought a nice Scroll of Town portal, and I figure that’ll be a cheaper solution to get her back when needed.

Oh! And I won my first auction. Bought myself a an Ornamental Dagger. I won’t say how much I ended up paying for it… I had to hit the sack a few hours before the auction ended and didn’t want to be sniped… Anyway, I found that my biggest problem when trying to get everything together for a 4th village was the build time, so hopefully this will help speed up my construction times. Wood Sacrifice 24/7 baby.

Alright folks, we’re getting pretty close to the Mother Dragon now. Next week will probably be pretty intereting. I’m taking a trip to Kiev this weekend, but hopefully that won’t distract me from subduing the Misty Marshes and grabbing some glyphs.