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The Future of OSGs

future of online strategy games backyard monsters battle pirates edgeworld

There’s a new wave of games on Facebook that combine traditional RTS games such as Starcraft, with the persistence of an OSG, and a dash of Tower Defense in there for good measure. There are several of these games now, starting with Kixeye’s Backyard Monsters, Battle Pirates, and War Commander, and now Kabaam has entered the fray with Edgeworld.

Rather than review each of these games (as they are practically identical except for graphics) I wanted to take a look at the pros and cons of this hybrid genre, compared to your traditional Online Strategy Game. So, let’s go!

Zynga’s Adventure World: Too much on the line?

Indiana Jones meets derivative Zelda

Maker of Facebook wall spam Zynga recently released the trailer for its upcoming brand new social game: Adventure World. The game is coming very soon. But even sooner than the game is the speculation around the importance of Zynga’s IPO and how the game can make or break the IPO’s timing as well as its success. Is this game carrying more weight than it should? Find out more at OSG1

Travian Reaches 400k on Facebook

travian 400k facebook fans

Travian just hit 400k fans on Facebook, which is cool. At the same time, Empires & Allies already has 400k. It’s interesting that there’s still such a separation between these two markets. Travian players have been playing browser games for years before Facebook ever showed up, and they haven’t really embraced Facebook. At the same time, the millions of Facebook users are just now being introduced to strategy games.

Anyway, be sure to check out the progress of the Travian tournament, and also the next section of the Empires & Allies guide that I just put up.


Empires & Allies Strategy Guide

As I mentioned, last week Zynga launched their first strategy game, Empires & Allies. I’m hoping that they’re going to be introducing a whole new generation of players to online strategy games, and want to welcome them! But, they’re going to need some help. So, I’ve decided to put together an Empires & Allies strategy guide. This will walk you through each of the battles, leading all the way up to Raven himself. I’ve added the first campaign today and will add the next two over the next couple days.

Moreover, I’m hoping to be the first player to slay Raven! This is going to be very difficult as there are already players who have gone past me. It’s amazing how much time and money must be dedicating to this game! However, hopefully I can still catch up. If you’d like to lend me a hand, check out OSG1 on Facebook.

But for my loyal readers, don’t worry. This Facebook phase is just to tide me over until Aloriah’s new server starts and/or I get an invite for the Civ World Beta.


empires & allies guide empires and allies

empires & allies guide empires and allies

empires & allies guide empires and allies

The Summer of Strategy Games

Empires & Allies Zynga Strategy Game

It seems like it’s the Summer of Strategy Games. The biggest news is that today Zynga launched “Empires & Allies”. This is the developer’s first realy step into the strategy genre, and it will be interesting how far they take it. Zynga’s games have a history of being overly simplistic, and more like casino slot machines than an actual game. It seems that with Empires & Allies, they are at least taking steps.

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