Author - OliverGodfreed

Supremacy 1914

There’s a new OSG I found: Supremacy 1914.

Obviously this is a WW1 game. The interesting thing about it is that each “game” is limited to 30 players, and are much shorter than Travian or Ikariam. I’ll be checking out the game myself soon, so check back for my review. Until then, here’s what Supremacy 1941 has to say about themselves:

Online game for up to 30 Players.
Completely free of charge.
Real time strategy – all events occur in real time.
Units move on a real map. No tables like in 95% of all browser games.
Rounds take four to eight weeks.
Focused on diplomacy. Alliances and pacts are a requirement for success.
Newbie friendly.


TC8: Day 5

I signed up with the new Travian server (travian.com, server 8 ) when it started a few days ago. I’ll be chronicling my progress on the server and hopefully my rise to victory.

So far I’ve got my main building and a cranny (I normally wouldn’t bother with the cranny but they give you resources for building it), and have 12 of my resource fields up to level 2.

I thought I had beginner’s protection for another couple days, but apparently not, as some bloke raided me 5 times while I was away today. I guess it’s time to start building an army and strike back!


Holiday Respite

Tribal Wars is issuing an “attack break” over the Holiday:

“We will be having two attack breaks over the holiday period to allow players to enjoy the Christmas holiday and New Year without having to worry about their accounts (and to give the support team a rare break!)”

This is a grand idea I’d like to see more games adopt. If you’re interested in Tribal wars a new server is starting tomorrow.


Global Ikariam Strike

The Agenda da Maffia Alliance on the Slovakian Beta server is organizing a three-day strike of Ikariam in protest of the new battle sytem.

Ikariam v0.3.0 was implemented across most servers in October and drastically changed the battle system. Alot of players (especially those participating in the strike) feel this system severly upsets the balance of the game towards the defender, and makes attacking, and thus warfare, neither fun nor worthwhile.

There have been two updates since v0.3.0, but these have been just minor tweaks, and it seems Ikariam is for now commited to the new change. For more information check out the Facebook Group for the strike.