Welcome to OSG (or OSG1, since OSG was taken, lol), your one source for all persistent browser based online strategy games. My name is Oliver and I’ve been playing strategy games ever since the original Civlization. With the advent of the internet a new genre of game has arisen that allows players to manage empires and compete with millions of players around the world. These are Online Strategy Games.

In this blog I hope to keep up to date with the latest news in the genre and have interviews with developers and players. If you have any suggestions about something to add to the page, be it a cool battle report from your game or a bit of news, post a comment or check out the contact page.


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  • Oliver, keep up the great work! Your website is unique and offers much needed editorial review of browser based games. I’ve taken the liberty of posting about you on my own website as well as adding you to my blog roll.

    I hope that helps keep you interested in the topic, I can’t wait to read more game news uncovered!

  • hi.im farshid drom Iran.im playing travian and im under attack of some players.my nation is toutens.plz guid me what to do with them.rise my resources or buld up an army to defense?

  • Hey Oli, the content is great and I don’t think there is anywhere else out there that writes OSG reviews and information like this.

    I’ve started up a Browser Game List website at http://www.browsergamelist.com and was wondering if I could integrate the stuff you write or at least reference your site for game reviews/listings etc

    If you could drop me an email that would be great 😀 If you’re not up for anything I’m still going to link to your site :)

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