Last War Review


Last War is the first attempt at a freemium game by Gamevil deviating from their successful retro action RPG style of games. I struggle a bit to really classify this style of game, but lets call it a hardcore menu-based World War II tactical game.


Those who played iMobsters or MafiaWars will immediately recognize this type of gameplay. Players configure and train troops, perform missions to grind up levels and resources, so that they can turn around and do it all over again building more and training more. Alliances and diplomacy are in real time and players have the ability to blacklist other players as enemies. Players are either Axis or Allies and can configure friend’s lists using player codes. Sounds fun…not really.

Gameplay is endless navigation through a multitude of menus tapping “Do It”. The initial walkthrough is done by a busty blonde who conveys the bare minimum, but much is left unexplained. Last War is bare of any action other than resource management, and heavy on confusion. While the gameplay becomes very flat and stale quick

Last War seemed to have no purpose or end goal. Upgrading your commanders and depots while completing the text based missions all the while tapping that button. Don’t let me discourage you though if that’s your type of game. Its free in the app stores so feel free to try it out yourself.

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  • Like the vast majority of games labeled as “strategy” in modern gaming, Last War is little more than a farmville clone, with a couple extra gimmicks. Honestly, I’m tired of the deluge of FV clicker “strategy” games, and its time we give them their own separate label. How about a “Menu” game?

    We can then further break-down such games… with classifiers.

    At the end of the day, these kinds of “games” aren’t games at all, but merely cleverly-skinned animated 90’s websites. Unfortunately, they’re so easy to reproduce that they’re everywhere, and people have gotten used to them. Gamers have started to accept this kind of “game” and put money in. The result is more and more rehashes of this kind of played-out mechanic, that had already gotten old in the 90’s. Can we one day kill such leeches?

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