Boom Beach Review

Boom Beach mobile strategy game

Boom Beach is a free to play strategy game from Supercell, creator of Clash of Clans. I mention Clash of Clans because this is the same game with a new wrapper and no chat. The setting has changed, and the graphics are much improved. The gameplay itself is extremely similar mixing city building with strategy. It does have a slight story …. Something about evil invaders or the like. The main objective being to capture as many bases scattered around yours as possible.


As with Clash of Clans, the game is not very strategic. Each time you log out your base is going to be obliterated, no matter what you do, but there is the overall strategy of attempting to maximize the use of your army and luck of the draw of random opponents. Of course any strategy here can be more than compensated for by play frequency.

Boom Beach however seems to understand that and mostly pits you against NPC enemies. Additionally Boom Beach is much more tactical than Clash of Clans. You have plenty of time to look at the base and decide on the best plan of attack. They also give you the option to guide your troops during the attack, drastically increasing your tactical options.


It may just be me , but lately every game I have played approaches there monetization the same way. Limiting the player by using build times and let them speed things up by spending real money. I mean I can’t blame Supercell here. Why not clone their highest grossing mobile game which allegedly makes 3 million dollars a day. Boom Beach has diamonds that can be purchased to spend on speedups only.

I did find it refreshing to be able to earn diamonds in the game by clicking on chests on the world map. These chests randomly appear and always give the player diamonds in different quantities. This allows for some speedups for the player, but not as many as most would like.

Boom Beach is for the strategy player who has a few minutes to play here and there, or someone who has an entertainment budget to blow. The gameplay was challenging and kept my attention when I could play. The UI is simple enough even younger gamers will understand and enjoy.

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