Stormfall Review


Stormfall was one of the better online strategy games on Facebook during the platform’s height. Plarium recently released the game on iOS, which gives us the perfect opportunity to review it.

Stormfall has a beautifully rendered city-view, with a lot of humorous animations playing all the time, which gives your domain a nice sense of life. There are soldiers marching around, a dragon flying around, a dwarf floating down the river in a barrel, etc.


Likewise, there is always a lot to do in Stormfall. In addition to constantly upgrading buildings and researches, you need to click-to-claim your Stone and Gold resources (but not food…) as in Clash of Clans, there is an Obelisk of Power, which is essentially an extra research tree with hundreds of levels to click+wait through, and constantly spawning Battlegrounds you should attack to get extra resources. That said, it was interesting to see Game of War’s influence, as Parlium has added a section of constantly spawning “quests” that you click on every couple minutes to gain rather negligible resources. It seems highly unnecessary and honestly adds extra clutter to the game.


Stormfall also has a lot of different troops, divided into four different classes (Infantry, Cavalry, Occult, Bestiary), with each troop type having attack and a defense against each of the classes. While this provides a lot of strategic potential when forming your army, it also means each there are a lot of troop types to consider. Noting you can also have Eldritch forms of each troop type and again there’s maybe too much content here. Like when a film is long instead of good.

One of the strongest strategic elements of the game, the Beacons, are fortunately still in play. Throughout the world-map are these large forts that an alliance (or “League”) can take over, and also upgrade to extend how much territory the Beacon controls. Also since there are so many Beacons (as opposed to the single-throne in Game of War), many more players get to participate in the real strategy of the game.



All said, Stormfall is very similar to Game of War. Thanks to the Beacons it manages to come out a little higher in the strategy category, and it does a slightly better job at not looking like a giant casino, which these days is a category all its own.

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