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best free mmo strategy game
Well, it has been a long time and a lot has been happening in the world of online strategy games. There’s new Ogame, “MMO of the Year”, a few games in my personal playlist, and even a video.

So first, Gameforge is apparently working on Ogame 4.0 and is showing off some nice screenshots on their Facebook page. Unfortunately it looks like they’re sticking to the formula of beautiful art displayed next to a nice game, but not quite integrated. I could be wrong though. We’ll see once the new version is released. Also the free to play Magic: The Gathering – Tactics has arrived. I actually saw this in development at E3 a couple years back, so nice to see it’s finally here. It does require you to install a client though, so not exactly my thing.

best free mmo strategy game

Well, recently BBGsite wrapped up their “Browser Game of the Year 2011” and gave best strategy game to Shadowland (see the OSG1 preview here). Now, what used to be Browser Game of the Year has now become MMO of the Year. The site is a lot messier than last year, but it’s nice that they have some ambition, and also that they still are putting a lot of focus into browser games. You can go there and vote for the “Best Classic Browser MMO”, which includes Grepolis, eRepublik, Ikariam, Travian, Settlers Online (twice?), Desert Operations, and Battlestar Gallactica. There’s also “Best Strategy Browser MMO”, which includes Romadoria, Reborn Horizon, Castlot, War2Glory, Warflow, Empire & State, Rage of Storms, and Golden Age. Oi, I haven’t even heard of some of these games. I need to get out more.

Also I thought I’d let you know what I have been playing and what you can look forward to articles on. I’ve been spending some time with Risk: Factions, which is basically the board game Risk on Facebook. Also Kabaam’s “Edgeworld”, a new iPhone game called Valor, and the God of Axion alpha. Why none of these games are part of MMO of the Year is beyond me (aside from the majority of sponsors and represented developers seem to be German).

I also stumbled upon this video of someone trying to promote New 1000AD. My favourite part of the video is the ad for Evony that plays inside the game in the video! Fail!


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