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top grepolis player mmo strategy game

Recently Micah had a chance to talk to one of the top Grepolis players! We hope you enjoy the interview. If anyone has any more questions for Pefo, who really has a lot of experience across a myriad of OSG’s, post them here and hopefully he’ll be nice enough to answer!

OSG1: Thank you so much for being here with us at OSG1, Pefo! Our readers are beside themselves. Let’s start our chat by talking about which online strategy games are you playing, or have you played in the past?

Pefo: I’ve played everything there is at this point. Been playing for the last 8 years or so. Currently I am playing Grepolis and Tribalwars along with 2 of the Russian games : Combats.com and Neverlands.ru.

OSG1: I understand you’re one of the top players for a couple different games, including Grepolis. Which server do you play on for which games and what is your rank? Why do you prefer these servers?

Prefo: I played on pretty much every Grepolis server, changing names pretty much every time I switch servers… That red arrow saying “I took you out before” doesn’t usually help. Right now I am in top 5 in en29 Grepolis and top 100 in en 30. However it is the exam period for me in Milan so I am slowly dropping. 😛

OSG1: Tell me about when your obsession first developed – and how you rose to the top?

Pefo: I started playing when i was about 11 or 12. At the time i played Counter Strike and Warcraft 3. Played in tournaments and so on (nerdy kid with A LOT of free time). Those days came to an end when I got a girlfriend and my free time disappeared. I switched to less demanding games. TribalWars were first, played on the russian server and very quickly became number 1 in the world. After that stopping wasn’t easy.

OSG1: Incredible feat. What drove you to succeed in such a determined way? What does it take to do so well in these games?

Pefo: A lot of people would probably say time and dedication… I don’t think this is correct. For me it’s simply calculating the best ways to do things while setting short and long term goals.

OSG1: Do you have friends or family members that are strategy gamers? Have you coached any of them?!

Pefo: I have a lot of close friends who play with me. I constantly help and advise them on what to do and i must say some of them are really becoming better then me. 😛

OSG1: How has the gamer community evolved in your eyes? Do you like where it’s going? Have companies like Zynga and the Facebook game frenzy affected your take on this?

Pefo: As long as it is developing – I am happy. I love poker, so Zynga on Facebook is great when you don’t want to play for real money / want to win all the time.

OSG1: What game feature would you like to see more of in a browser based strategy games?

Pefo: That’s a really hard one for me. I think at this point I’ve seen most of the things that can be done. On the flip side I hope heavy 3D graphics wont completely take over.

OSG1: Could you tell a story about the most strategic thing you did in a game?

Pefo: Most online games are about politics, so being a clever person and making sure you’re the one making the rules – not playing by them – is the best strategy.

OSG1: What do you do when you’re not playing?

Pefo: I am a university student. Bocconi in Milan. So mostly drinking and partying :)

OSG1: Thanks Pefo!

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