Strategy + steampunk = Gaslight

In the land of Eastland, there is little left but war. And in this war, everyone is fighting for the little that is left. Yes I can be poetic at times…

Quick breakdown: Android strategy game, free to play, not an MMO, some online interaction, plenty of empire building. Anyway, such is the world you enter (along with being prodded like a cow to use TapJoy’s system) when you jump into Gaslight.

Android strategy gamers, be comforted knowing this is still an RTS game. Just a whole lot of steampunk thrust into it. Much better than a post-apocalyptic theme, if you ask me! You can start off as either Coalition or Underground. One is for the tyrants of strategy gaming, the other is for the guys who root for the underdogs (I chose tyrants).

Sometimes I don’t want the full RTS experience on a mobile platform, though. For example, the buildings take sometimes 15 minutes to build. Fifteen minutes on a cell phone is a long time, especially for the battery. That’s a design flaw, if you ask me. You are allowed to ‘Hurry’, but you can’t do that for every build. However, here are a few trinkets about the game I do like:

  • Create your civilization and balance advancing your civilization with battle preparation.
  • Engage in war with troops by strategically controlling your military, using powerful booster technology to improve and advance your army.
  • Build and then upgrade your technology using Aether; keeping the city and army in balances requires gold, however;
  • The best way to demonstrate how far you’ve progressed with cities is by sheer population size.
  • Decent visuals. But that’s because of (read below)…
  • Beware: 33MB Download!

Steampunk Monopoly houses!

The bad thing about this game is that it uses TapJoy. For those unaware of why TapJoy is looked down upon in the mobile world, it’s that it pushes players to download more games. How is this given incentive? By rewarding players with more resources. You can argue for and against this. On the against, it will obviously hurt the balance of the game. And it is a bit pathetic to be listed as a ‘feature’ in some of the press releases already out for this game. On the for, TapJoy is the reason this game is free. Devs have to put food on the table too. Why hasn’t Gaslight released a paid version, then? That’s a great question… It probably has much to do with the agreement between the dev (Pixofactor) and TapJoy. Is the game fun? Aside from the glaring issues, yup!




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