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It’s been only a week, but as with our digital empires, the world of persistent browser based games is always leveling up. Behold the latest news.

First, one of the browser games I’ve spent a lot of time with, Aloriah, has integrated with Facebook. Now you can play the game through your Facebook account, post to your wall, and all the other social networking tricks the kids are in to.

Next, registration for the 2012 Travian Tournament 2x-speed qualification server has begun! The server will start on Dec 5th, so register while you can! I had joined the 2011 qualification server, but had my arse handed to me after a couple weeks. Maybe this time I will last longer?

lord of ultima new worlds

Also, it seems like Lord of Ultima has been releasing a lot of new worlds recently, so if you were looking for a time to start a game, now may be it.

Finally, Lords at War, a Facebook OSG I’ve been dabbling in, posted photos of their development team. It’s always interesting to get a peek into the world of a game development studio, so it’s pretty cool that they posted this, even though I would prefer more! I’ll find out more about this game soon enough.


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  • Better late than never :) This is our first step of integration the game with Aloriah. More and more will be added soon that will build upon the Facebook integration.

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