Planet Wars for Android arrives but…

Is this game worth your time? At all? Welll..

Alright boys n gals, this here is a free to play real time strategy game, not persistent, and its focus is more on the campaign than on the online mode. So this is different than the usual good stuff you read about on OSG1! Is this strategy game for the Android worth your time? Let’s find out.

The app doesn’t take very long to download and install (EVO 3D over here), so that’s a starting plus. There is a free Lite version available and immediately upon starting the game you are pushed to buy the full version. I’m sure you guys will agree that such a thing is wicked annoying. If the game is good, players will jump in and buy more of it. What’s the logic of a ‘try before you buy’ app if you’re already pushed to buy the full version? Don’t you have confidence in your product? Well, let’s see.

See the planet with the flag on it? That's the next one to conquer.

It is similar to Planetary Wars, which can be found here. Starting the campaign, you are facing a few planets. There is no guide, and no real guidance for how to begin your conquest. You will probably take a few minutes and place your units on the nearest planet and spam the House symbol on the bottom left until something happens. This is basically your build button. You press it over and over until your numbers at the top increase. Then you press on a nearby planet and send your units there. There is an animation of your units moving to the planet and attempting to occupy it. Occupy…..is that a good word to use these days?

You're kinda told what to do next, so it's not all empty space here (pardon the pun)!

If you notice, the developer(s) aimed for cutesy graphics. I suppose they forgot about the visuals making sense with the actual game. Think of it this way: suddenly you have a cute girl telling you that your empire must expand at all costs. That means you should expand even if you have to wipe out entire nations of people! And a cute girl who looks like she wouldn’t hurt a fly is telling me this? She’s not cute, she’s sadistic! Roses have thorns and all that..

Dominated your first few planets and enemies? Try to handle 2 now.

Alright so what do I do? I build again, listening to the somewhat ambient music in the background provided by the game. When you engage an enemy planet, quasi-epic music starts up, and you wonder if you had a big enough army to actually win. First rush: decimated. I got my butt handed to me on a space metal platter. I noticed I could send more units as the battle progresses by simply placing the conquer flag on the destined planet, so I tried that, and achieved victory on the first planet. I built more units in preparation for the onslaught of the biggest planet on the screen. This takes a few moments. Since there isn’t much to look at on the screen and the music looks in a short amount of time, one gets to already feel the drawbacks to the game (and now you know why the download is so small).

Get ready to attack that intimidating force on the right side.

At level 4, you are tasked to build on planets with good characteristics. Poking around, you find a planet with decent speed and attacking, so you decide to build your base there. Using up 10 units, you can build a dome-like structure. Don’t worry, your units spawn again. A player will start of the level with 15 units, but you can double that amount by exploiting the planets’ resources and creating more units. Getting there would probably confuse the heck out of the average strategy gamer. The fact that the game comes with no quick tutorial or decent UI makes things worse, since this game doesn’t really cater to intuitive senses.

Judging by the flow of the first 5 levels, I doubt many players will want to continue further. This game screams “half done”. Should you cough up the few bucks for the full version? My suggestion is a rather strong ‘no’. I like to support game devs, but this game needs more time in the oven. On a side note, the game crashed on me a couple times too, but I’m only focusing on the gameplay and fun factor.


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