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call of gods ad no more bullies no farming

There I was, foraging the ditial sea, when up from the waves came another ad for “Call of Gods”. Now, let me say that I played Call of Gods for about twenty minutes earlier this year, fooled into thinking it was an OSG. Since that day I have felt YooGames (who also run servers for strategy game Warflow) should refund those twenty minutes of my life, so I am actually quite pleased to break this scandal:

The ad reads: “No more bullies, no need to farm.” This is a direct quote from another game’s advertisement. Which game? Evony, if you believe it. Despite their usual crass tactics, Evony actually puts out a tasteful ad every once in a while, and I clearly remembered this one as it raised an important question about the social politics of OSG’s over on Evony’s Forum. Click below for the full image.

mmorts evony ad no more bullies

So count 1: ripping an add from Evony. Count 2? I followed the ad to the Call of Gods landing page and saw this:

call of gods 4 Story Gates of Andaron

Who is that lovely girl with the bow? I swear we’ve met before… Maybe at a party or back in uni… Ah yes, she is the Archer from Gameforge’s 4-Story / Gates of Andaron! Your days are numbered, YooGames. First you waisted 20 minutes of my life with Call of Gods, then again with Warflow. But now you’ve crossed with some of the biggest names in the persistent world of Online Strategy Games. Let loose the hounds!

gameforge 4 story Gates of Andaron



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