Hero Mages hits the mobile scene

More Android lovin'. Never a bad thing.

How do you bring your browser game into the mobile world? With more content, of course! That is exactly what the devs over at D20Studios have been up to while preparing the UI for Hero Mages on Android. The good news is that it isn’t yet another post-apocalyptic setting but rather fantasy, which already has my eyes brimming proudly. It is a turn-based strategy game, which is popping up more often on Android recently. Hoo boy I feel a rant coming on…

***rant***Why are devs so bent on making turn based games on Android? The platform has grown enough over the years, and is more than capable of supporting a persistent ‘always on’ world. Turn based feels so two centuries ago. If you can pull it off with some new twists, that’s great, but games can be so much more now. I also don’t understand the gamers that actually -want- more turn based games (you know, the whiners that don’t want Dragon Quest evolving beyond turn based, for example). Le sigh ***/rant***

Anyway, although it is a turn based strategy game, it has a few RPG elements (you level up your units) and the mobile version comes with a story campaign. It also comes with Quick Battle and Custom Battle. The devs have made sure that line-of-sight in combat is preserved in the mobile version of Hero Mages.

Here’s the emotional breakdown of the multiplayer goodies:

-Cross platform (Android, browsers, etc)
-Check out stats of other players
-Chat with players you are playing (aka troll devices are a go!)
-If you are disconnected (why you would want to play when driving under a tunnel is beyond me), you can return to the game without losing precious data. If this means client side, then I advise the developers to beef up their anti-cheat protections…
-Multiplayer matches support up to 8 players.
-Too lazy to actually play the game? Live spectating is available.

What not to look forward to:
-Cash shop will have unit boosters. Get ready to buy your way into victory. -_-

For those willing to give it a shot, hurry up, since they’re giving away a rare unit to the first 100 players. They’re at 25 at time of publish, so you might want to blitz it. Obligatory Youtube video follows!


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