Evony at it Again

evony advertising eva mmorts

A little news from the world of MMORTS to help pass the week. First, Clash of Kingdoms is having a giveaway at BBGsite. If you’re interested in joining the game, now would be a good time :)

There is also a contest at some new site, www.whatmmorpg.com, where you could possibly win some in-game currency, but it does require you to help fill up their new forum.

Finally, and this one is brilliant, Evony is working on a new advertising campaign. Evony is probably best known for their premiscuous advertising exploits, but more recently had toned it down. But now they are back and are looking for someone, ie. some blond model who resembles the girl from the Evony tutorial, to be the “face of Evony”.

evony advertising eva mmorts

Evony’s Marketing Officer says it like this: Our decision to use a live version of Eva represents an important new direction for Evony’s advertising. Of course many people are aware of our old, discontinued series and to a lesser extent our current series of ads which focus solely on gameplay. We developed the new campaign after closely studying the effectiveness of our past efforts, while also listening to our players and our critics. Our goal is to provide entertaining and informative ads that stand out from the crowd of competitors but garner brand recognition. Eva is our most iconic character, …cough, only character… prominently greeting players as they log on and showing new ‘Evonians’ how to play. We’re proud that the new ads will allow us to showcase our community’s choice for the new ‘Face of Evony.’

So, seems to me they are taking a step back towards their old ways, but check out the Facebook page and decide for yourself. At the same time, Beau Hindman at Massively took time to review the game again, and here I am talking about it, so it’s hard to argue against the success of Evony’s advertising machine.


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