Assassins Creed strategy game is real (We were hoping for a hoax)

assassins creed tactics card game
Ubisoft, what hast thou done!?

When we got wind that an Assassins Creed game for the ipad was coming, the last thing on our minds was that it would turn out to be a strategy game. As it turns out, this is a real-time board game and it will be coming out later this month.

Grab some tums.

First thing’s first: this game borrows heavily off your average card game. Now you know why I asked you to pop some tums. Don’t worry, it gets better if you’re a hardcore fan of the game. You collect cards from the lore of all the main AC games, so if you love the story of the franchise, this will be your ONLY reason for playing this game. As for the cards, you can use them to activate attacks, control territory, or utilize a yet-to-be-seen ability.

On the bright side, this is probably the best mobile Assassins Creed game ever. On the down side, it’s the Assassins Creed franchise warped into strange territory. How the upper management thought that AC gamers would bite headfirst into a Yugioh version of AC on the ipad is beyond me, but there’s work to be done, fellas. There are 280 Memories to collect and 20 story mode missions. And if by chance you end up loving this game for what it is, there’s online multiplayer. You can actually defeat someone situated in Constantinople! Last but not least, if you still think Ubisoft isn’t trying to lure in the hardcore into strange territory, you get a free short film based on Ezio Auditore’s life in his old fart days. So that’s a spoiler that Ubisoft just felt like throwing out there: Ezio gets to live. Thanks Ubisoft!

Here’s the teaser trailer for you Assassins Creed lovers (needs moar Ezio):


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