Android game DragonCraft flying out of alpha

The dragons, we will craft them.

Android gamers, get ready for even more strategy gaming. Free to play, too!

Here’s a snapshot of the story, in the TL;DR format: One king used to rule all the land of Terra Vale. Something epic and totally messed up happened, and so the land was split into 12 Baronies. No, not islands, countries, or even districts. They’re Baronies. I know what you’re thinking and yes it is stupid. Anyway these Baronies are run by Dragon Riders. Your task is to get these guys to join you, since you probably don’t want to be on their bad side.

He can ride dragons and roll a bazooka. You don't want to fight that do you? DO YOU!?

So how does the game start you off? Like your meat and potatoes strategy game, you have a small village that you build up, and since there are 25 areas across the 12….(do I have to say it? Ugh..) “Baronies”, there is plenty incentive to get past the building part and onto the meat of the game. The devs are tossing in quests and achievements to make it look like this game isn’t mostly about building. How do I know this beyond my magic 8-ball? There are 18 troops across 6 different disciplines, plus you will have the ability to breed Dragons, but you can only do that by collecting (read: building up) dragon scales.

You will build me, and you will like it!

One of the interesting tidbits tossed into this game is the options for battles. Say your Android battery is sucking as usual (unless you rooted it and got a custom rom), and you want to save the last 20% for the journey home. This game will let you do some quick skirmishes. Alright, now say you’re home and charging your battery and want to do more than these Quick Skirmishes: you can watch drawn out battle sequences. Let’s just hope they end up great!

Radioactive Dhalsim gonna rip you a new one, son!

"Hey, we're standing in different areas but somehow still firing at each other!"

Well, the game’s about to hit Beta. They have plenty of time to fix some of these quirks up, eh? Last but not least, this game has heroin but in the form of Dragon Crystals. These wonderful crystals are the source of magic in Terra Vale. It is said your troops can become addicted to Dragon Crystals, and so there can be side effects. What kind of side effects? Well your mage might be launching a fireball but the next second he could be twitching and drooling on the floor, screaming that his body is turning into a giant spider. Or his level ups aren’t as good anymore. One of the two.



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