New strategy game hitting Facebook: War Commander

I will save Facebook's sorry @$$.

Want some Command & Conquer goodness while Facebooking the night away?

Well, you’ll kinda get that, in the form of War Commander, from Kixeye. Like many Facebook games, War Commander will be free to play and leaning towards the social side. “It’s the most advanced strategy game ever created for Facebook,” Harbin said. “We’re getting closer and closer to real-time strategy titles that you’ve seen on the PC.” (Source: VentureBeat)For hardcore fans of the genre, this can only be a good thing. Many new gamers, having never been too much into videogames beforehand, have come from the Facebook side of gaming. They will jump on board into deeper trenches of real time strategy games. Of course, the strategy gaming world already has a plethora of gamers anyway, but we always welcome newcomers into the fold, don’t we? :3

Want the low down on the game? Check out the video first.. I’ll have the details ready by the time you finish.

Key Features:

  • Collaborate with friends and terrorize strangers on an epic battlefield
  • Over 27 fully customizable weapons and vehicles from the 1980’s through 2020
  • Full individual and group unit control
  • Unique and detailed environments
  • Over 120 sound effects and 400 lines of dialogue
  • Play against even more players in future feature releases
  • Always free to play

Better graphics than expected! (Source: BlogCDN)

27 customizable units… Not bad. Sure is a lot more than what old gamers might be used to (especially ye olde Ogre Battle crowd). Wanna know what i like more? The trash talk! “I’m proud that our team can continue to deliver compelling games in a landscape where innovation is lacking,” said Will Harbin, CEO for KIXEYE “and we will continue to set the bar for the competition and focus on what matters: delighting users.” Shots fired! Is it me or is it a shot at Zynga? Regardless what the target of such delicious slander, this game certainly seems to be a fresh air beyond your average Facebook wall spamming, friend harvesting, dry variety game.

One potential drawback to this new real time strategy online game is the setting: yet another post-apocalyptic universe. Yawn. Since you’re in the universe anyway, might as well gear up and defend your bases while attacking others: build turrets to keep enemies dead or at bay. One of the nice features is the ability to brag about your victory. That will bring about many salty players and even fiercer battles in the future, which will give the game a very colorful end game experience. Those wondering if their computer can run this game shouldn’t worry too much. The game is run on Adobe software. It doesn’t use 3d graphics hardware, but since it’s a Facebook game, all is forgiven.

Alright, so you wet your appetite and wanna hit this game up. Here’s the link to try out the beta: http://apps.facebook.com/warcommander/


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