Zynga’s Adventure World: Too much on the line?

Indiana Jones meets derivative Zelda

Maker of Facebook wall spam Zynga recently released the trailer for its upcoming brand new social game: Adventure World. The game is coming very soon. But even sooner than the game is the speculation around the importance of Zynga’s IPO and how the game can make or break the IPO’s timing as well as its success. Is this game carrying more weight than it should?

Word in the industry is that Zynga is betting the farm{ville} on Adventure World in hopes of nabbing an IPO. An IPO is an initial public offering, or going ‘public’ with a company. If successful, Zynga can raise $1 billion, a massive financial resource for developing games, acquisitions, and further marketing. Poor market conditions and SEC’s concerns over Zynga’s GAAP equivalents were cited as one of the reasons for the delaying of the IPO, which place the importance of the potential success of Adventure World far higher than necessary. How do you think the IPO will be affected if Adventure World’s performance doesn’t meet expectations? Let’s put it another way. Zynga’s user growth is flat. Investors don’t want to invest new money into a company whose growth is stunting, since the rate of return won’t be as enticing. Now you have an idea on why this is more important than it looks!

Growth is the name of the game.

Adventure World is being developed by Zynga Boston, formerly Conduit Labs. Adventure World, a “social adventure game”, is being touted as a “a big bold bet” by none other than Nabeel Hyatt, Zynga Boston’s CEO. The game is apparently being designed against failure, as it will unfortunately implement friend hiring schemes and wall spamming that annoyed most people on Facebook who played other Zynga games. On the bright side, Adventure World is set to be far bigger and more expansive than any past title published under the Zynga name. This means Adventure World will have 5 worlds, from jungles to mountains to volcanoes, all hosting traps, dangers, and hostile creatures such as rams. Every world will have its own music, accordingly. There are various puzzles (don’t expect Zelda Master Quest difficluty), quests, objects, and a crazy amount (10,000+) of avatar customizations available (perhaps more barring future game support). This game is being designed to be accessible to the casual (especially the ladies) and the hardcore by allowing players to fight or simply avoid foul obstacles/beasts. Mashable scored in-game screenshots, which can be found here.

Check out the Adventure World reveal trailer below:


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  • i have not been able to get into Adventure World for 2 days now, plus previous to the last 2 day`s it happen 3 times
    it is a superb games, and i speak for everyone else who is having problems, it now getting so frustrating that we cannot play our game. This need sorting out A>S>A>P Thanking you .

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