Mobile: Ready To Roshambo?

Rich graphic elements make for a great iOS experience on-screen.

OSG1 is jumping into the OSG scene for the iOS platform! First game up: Roshambo.

This is our first review in a series of reviews aimed at online strategy games for iOS devices (like the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch)! Roshambo. Otherwise known as Rock Paper Scissors. What more can be said about this seemingly simple game? To be frank, there’s not a terribly large amount of strategy that goes into Roshambo, but when it comes to mobile OSGs, pickings can be slim – thankfully for you, we’ve taken a look at one of the App Store’s most popular strategy games for the iOS platform, with true online multiplayer support. Let’s take a look at Roshambo for iOS. Because it’s fun. And that’s what online games are all about. Right? Right?

At first glance, Roshambo, for iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, anything you can throw an i in front of) is a dead-simple game of Rock Paper Scissors that has online functionality and multiplayer-chat functionality baked right in. You’d be right to assume this is basically it, but there are some unique features that push the fun level of Rock Paper Scissors to 11. When you first enter the game there is no registration process, you are simply given a generic name and number to the tune of ‘Player1234567.’ I have to give the developers of Roshambo huge props for this as going through the whole waiting for a confirmation email / registering / filling out a required profile page schtick is old, and particularly painful on a phone. Once the game is downloaded, you jump right in and begin playing. That being said, if you’re the type of control freak who enjoys filling out profile information and customizing yourself silly, an on-screen tab allows you to instantly fill out your profile, change your user ID, add an avatar and all of that custom goodness.

Seems simple enough, yeah? Here’s where things get tricky – the game likes to routinely freeze after a fourth or fifth round. On several occasions I would get to the fifth round, and having won (for example, with scissors) that round, would be presented with the same winning animation of the scissors over, and over, and over again. I thought I was moving onto the next round, but the round indicator would never change and no matter which rock-paper-scissor move I would select, the same outcome would appear (winning scissor). This is a huge problem, and it happened to me several times, even after game restarts. If a developer wants a simple game like this to make traction they’ve got to get the basics down pat, and that means no crashes. Secondly, the game is littered with advertisements for other games the developers are hawking. This isn’t a massive distraction as one tap effectively neuters the ad, but still, it would be appreciated if we were allowed to enjoy Roshambo without being distracted by other game adverts at every turn. The draw screen’s a bit dull too, but we’re just being picky.

If you can get past the ads and the occasional game crashes, Roshambo is an exceedingly simple (and exceedingly addictive) little game with big growth potential. People love simple games, and there aren’t many simple games on mobile platforms with online multiplayer features. I wish I could recommend it fully, but until the kinks are worked out and the crashes are no longer present, I’d say download only for the hardcore Rock Paper Scissors fan. Stay tuned for our next mobile iOS OSG review next week!


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