Immortal King First Look, and More!

browser based strategy game immortal king beta

As usual, brining you the best in online strategy game news! Travian’s 7th Birthday. Might and Magic Heroes Kingdoms Season 3. And a new game, Immortal King.

travian 7th birthday

Travian is celebrating its 7th Birthday! Where do the years go? Travian just started a new server this week, so now’s a good time to celebrate with them while the world is young. I also took the opportunity to check on the Travian Tournament. Their live stats are bloody brilliant, and here are a few:

* Alliance Cute and fluffy produces 394,771,896 ressources per day
* The biggest single army is located in the (+|-) with 1,048,887 supply

1 million supply for an army!? A level 20 field produces 2,450, and given 6 of these per village, that’s about 71 villages to supply one army! Of course we can assume this player has a few cropper-villages, but this doesn’t take into account the upkeep for anything else. Impressive.

browser based strategy game might and magic heroes kingdoms season 3

Also starting recently was Might and Magic Heroes Kingdoms “Season 3”. I don’t know what it means to be “Season 3”, but here’s what the press release had to say:

* Now the game comes in co-op mode! Players make alliances to defeat a common enemy!
* New eventful worlds with dedicated goals! Shorter campaigns to help you experiment new ways of playing.
* A more dynamic game with new game actions. A simplified and better guided game evolution.
* The vestiges are yours to investigate, traces of the past full of unexplored treasures.
* Discover new adversaries to fight side by side with your friends. The Dark Elves use the rifts to pillage your lands!
* Join an alliance and conquer the Runic Fortresses so as to win a total victory over your enemies.

Now, a lot of this seems like marketing gibberish, but “new eventful worlds” sounds very interesting. Almost what Guild Wars 2 is trying to do with the traditional MMO. Has anyone really played Might and Magic Heroes Kingdoms? Care to share any thoughts?

browser based strategy game immortal king beta

The above screen shot from immortal King, whose Beta started a couple days ago, got me really excited. That is, until I learned it’s just another Batheo clone. Oi, if I were Game 321 and had such a great art team at my disposal, I’d be sure to at least find a better game for them to re-skin.

And finally, I learned that if you take too long to sign up for MMHK, you get a face full of this:

browser based strategy game heroes of might and magic


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