Heroes of Neverwinter Beta Keys

heroes of neverwinter

Heroes of Neverwinter (essentially DnD on Facebook), is going in to Beta, and OSG1 is here with four Beta Keys! Just post a comment saying why you want a beta key and I’ll choose my favourite. Be sure to have a valid email so I can send to you!

I’m not really an avid Dungeons and Dragons player, but I’ve always enjoyed the idea of it as the combat seems very tactical (will be posting about FFT on iPhone soon!) I also really enjoyed Neverwinter Nights’ Mask of the Betrayer, as well as listening to the Penny Arcade DnD sessions.

Anyway, I’ve “rolled” a Dragonborn Cleric and will see how it goes. Maybe this game can quench my thirst for a tactical combat game? Not much is known about the game yet, but I think this point is key: “Bring your friends’ characters on your adventures and help them earn experience and gold!” If they can deliver on this, that will be brilliant.



  1. CremePudding says:

    Good to see you posting after so much time, Oliver! (Unless you are also Munchy, which, ignore this please.)

    I am not joining this contest, but good luck to others!

  2. OliverGodfreed says:

    Hah. Yes, it’s me! It’s really hard to post consistently these days, so Muchy is helping out, but I’ll definitely post what I can. I’ve got at least a couple more coming this week.


  3. Lance Kato

    Can I get a key? Why? Because I’m a loyal osg1 reader!

  4. shafaan says:

    I would like a key as well pls!!

    seems like an interesting ride and definitely worth checking out.

    Count Shafaan

  5. shafaan says:

    oh – and of course i am a big fan of neverwinter!

  6. Mubobo says:

    I’m already playing, but I would REALLY like to get a code for my dad, so we can play together. He’s pretty jealous that I got in.

  7. Nogard says:

    Please, I want a beta key!! =D

  8. André says:

    I would like to have a key as well if there is still a chance ;)


  9. I want a beta key!!!! PLEASE!!!! Need something to unwind with after a long night of ghost hunting…

  10. Last Holorcron says:

    As a long time fan of D&D I would love to see how they have re-created 4th edition as a Facebook game!

  11. OliverGodfreed says:

    Sorry everyone, I ran out of codes. Don’t worry, the game should come to full release soon!

  12. Empre4Xattache says:

    Out of codes already? Hotcakes!

  13. are there any left?

  14. Was hoping to get a key for the beta I have played D&D for years and im was looking forward to this game

  15. Uryxt says:

    A key please or I’ll backstab you with my Vorpal Dagger, gift from my master Gruumsh!!
    Grrr… how did I miss this!

    I just hope that Cryptic is not developing it!

  16. Bill J. Griffin says:

    I’ve been playing D&D since 16 yo, I’m 48 yo now and still playing.
    Back then I rewrote the whole first Monster manual, to memorize the monsters so I could play better.
    I would luv to get a beta key pls.

  17. Elvisinho says:

    Alas, we’ll have to make do with what wordpress awolls. Also, I’lm going to let the last poll run for another week before discussing it. Hopefully we’ll get a few more votes!

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