Heroes of Neverwinter Beta Keys


heroes of neverwinter

Heroes of Neverwinter (essentially DnD on Facebook), is going in to Beta, and OSG1 is here with four Beta Keys! Just post a comment saying why you want a beta key and I’ll choose my favourite. Be sure to have a valid email so I can send to you!

I’m not really an avid Dungeons and Dragons player, but I’ve always enjoyed the idea of it as the combat seems very tactical (will be posting about FFT on iPhone soon!) I also really enjoyed Neverwinter Nights’ Mask of the Betrayer, as well as listening to the Penny Arcade DnD sessions.

Anyway, I’ve “rolled” a Dragonborn Cleric and will see how it goes. Maybe this game can quench my thirst for a tactical combat game? Not much is known about the game yet, but I think this point is key: “Bring your friends’ characters on your adventures and help them earn experience and gold!” If they can deliver on this, that will be brilliant.


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