The New Cash Cow = Online Strategy Gaming

dota 2 online strategy game

The writing was on the wall since the Starcraft series was monetized in the East, and it was only a matter of time before it engulfs the West. With the rise of high stakes million-dollar tournaments, it’s a whole new ball game.

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We’ve seen big tournies in the gaming world. We thought EVO was big. Then the DoTa 2 tournament came. DoTa 2’s $1million+ tournament prize pool shocked the online strategy gaming world and sent a wave of spectating demand across the world. The dust of the DoTa 2 event has settled, and now League of Legends (LoL) Season Two is setting up a $5 million prize pool for its upcoming championship series. Clearly they are trying to prevent a massive flock from their game to DoTa 2, but the message is clear: online strategy gaming is on the verge of dominating the west.

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It is a gorgeous cycle of inter-industry competition (DoTa 2 is Valve’s big push into the worldwide strategy game market, eying China and other big name countries), derivative commercialization and investment , and soaring popularity. Every computer in the world can become a window into the Roman Colosseum of battles that will be waged, and you can bet the worldwide gambling scene will also be lit far into the night. Online strategy game subgenres should also see a boost in activity, including our beloved browser strategy game genre. Why? Differently paced genres appeal to the needs of gamers who wish to jump into the strategy game foray. Not everyone can click 15 times per second to set up an army, and some people don’t find macro games boring over time. Regardless, the market is big enough to cater to the growth of demand for all kinds of strategy games. It is difficult to argue against the entertainment value games like DoTa 2 provide. Gosugamers has an entertaining collection of videos of the DoTa 2 tournament.

Are you ready for the golden age of strategy gaming? Do you think it’s going to be short lived?

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  • I’ve got to disagree with the elairer reviews. As a turn-based strategy game, AFMP kinda stinks. If you are simply looking for a great TBS game, move along, nothing to see here folks. Your time would be better spent in the Civ 4 aisle. As a game it is insanely text-heavy, the graphics are straight out of 1995, and it is a complete rail game. ie, each scenario usually has one and only one winning strategy. As a pure game I’d give it a C-. HOWEVER! If you look at it as a multi-media adjunct to the award-winning book and video, it rocks hard. It is a hands-on, in-your-face tutorial on applying the strategies and tactics of nonviolent organizing in real-world scenarios. It takes the lessons from AFMP (video/book) and makes them come alive in new and creative ways. A+ If you love AFMP, and want to experience it’s message on a deeper, more engaging level, you’ve gotta have it.

  • @DarKcS2 Powerless?? LOL.. You do realize two spine crleawrs early would have negated all of this.. He saw the two rax.. and the early pressure but didn’t get down spine crleawrs until to late. Greedy Zerg is Greedy. He had the mins he should have put down two spine crleawrs as soon as the expo was complete. They would have been up and he could have held off the marines until they were ready. If zerg was powerless against two rax openings then zerg would never win.. maybe it’s just you. Log in to Reply

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