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ikariam governments Aristocracy Democracy Ikacracy Nomocracy Technocracy Theocracy Anarchy Xenocracy

Ikariam version 0.4.4 is probably the most exciting thing to happen to Ikariam in a long time. They’ve finally answered what all those puzzles were about. Once the update hits your server you’ll be able to choose a form of government that will have different effects on your Empire.

This is a feature of course copied from Civilization, but I really don’t mind. I remember an epic Civ III LAN party where I made a deal with my brother, giving him a couple techs in exchange for “borrowing” one of his cities with the Statue of Liberty for two turns so I could change government without anarchy. Ah, good times.

Anyway, the suggestion to add Government to the game was made in 2008, but they’ve finally added it. Each Government type gives you different advantages and disadvantages. You have the choice between Aristocracy, Democracy, Nomocracy, Technocracy, and Theocracy. There’s also “Ikacracy” which is just neutral, which is a nice inclusion for players who can’t decide. You can read more about the effects of each Ikariam government types here.

Anyway, this is a very exciting breath of fresh air for Ikariam. Now all they need is some sort of end game!


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  • Nothing is original anymore, even The Lion King was copied from Kimba the White Lion. Choosing a form of government that can affect your empire in different modes is huge! I’m going for an Aristocracy. LET THEM EAT CAKE.

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