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empires & allies leaderboards top rank

Empires & Allies has finally implemented leaderboards! This is something I’ve been waiting for that I was hoping would make the game a little more competitive. Unfortunately, it is not done very well and actually makes the game worse!

empires & allies leaderboards top rank

When I first checked the leaderboard I was very happy to see that I was ranked #25! While it’d be great to be #1, #25 out of millions would be a great honour. Unfortunately, I soon realized this isn’t compared to everyone playing the game, it is only compared to my Friends. Ever since the game was launched, your Friends are arranged based on their Experience, so this leaderboard is giving very little new information.

What the new board does provide is ranking based on three categories: Campaign Progress, Ore Investment, and Damage Dash. Campaign Progress is very closely related to Experience, which we already know and don’t care about. Ore Investment and Damage Dash rank players by how much ore they’ve spent or damange they’ve dealt within a given time. It looks like any ore or damage from before leaderbaords were added don’t count. Also, they will reset the scores 8 days from now. This is an interesting feature that will allow lower-level players to start competing, but is still much less interesting than seeing my overall rank in the game, which currently is a huge mystery.

empires & allies leaderboards top rank

Unfortunately, every time you increase your rank, an alert pops up at the top of the screen. Which means when I’m actually in a battle, every time I deal damage a pop up blocks my view of the battle! While it’s great that I increased my rank (only compared to my Friends), what I’d really like is to collect all the goodies on the ground and choose my next target.

Alas, Empires & Allies’ leaderboard is very dissapointing. Hopefully if there’s enough of an outcry, they can implement a real leaderboard that will let us compete on a global level. Because really, that’s what makes it an OSG!

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  • How can i unlock the Leader boards options? i cant view my leader boards menu… It still says coming soon… why? how? thnx

  • Couldnt agree with you more Oliver. I dont understand why Zynga doesnt put some thought into creating a better game — they already have everything there n then they just drop the ball.

    I agree – disappointing – but what can you expect from a fb “strategy” game.


  • A glitch in the game prevents me from seeing the leader board at all.

    This was disappointing at first, but finding out that it’s yet *another* pop-up in the way of collecting bonus-inducing goodies, I’m a little happy I don’t have to deal with it.,

  • How can i unlock the Leader boards options? i cant view my leader boards menu… It still says coming soon… why?

  • why isn’t my leader board available for my account? it’s very inconvenient to continue the game after all i have tried so much as a active player!! i can’t continue my mission because i didn’t received any medal from battles!!!

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