Empires & Allies Finale

empires & allies defeat Raven

Raven has been defeated! My mighty forces have crushed his evil ways, and his evil bird. And his evil beard. Really, the majority of Empires & Allies centres around the single player campaing. And now that I’ve finished it, now what?

As with many Facebook games, the “social” aspect is very minimal. The single player campaign requires that you plow through 401 battles. The only difficult aspect about that is the time it takes to plant and harvest the resources needed to build up your army. In fact, spending enough money (to instantly finish both harvests and troop training), you could finish the game in a single day.

Indeed, Empires & Allies has seen a significant drop in players this month now that most players a defeating Raven and then dropping out of the game. Even though most OSG’s suffer a similar drop off after a the first month of a server, it’s a much different situation when the player vs player interaction is what drives the game, and this is often increasing as the game goes on.

All in all, Empires & Allies is an interesting experience, with high polish and a fresh take on browser-based battle, but there really isn’t enough “social” aspect to keep it interesting beyond finishing the campgain.

empires & allies defeat Raven


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  • i think there is enough social aspect to the game unlike pioneer trail which is heavily reliant on asking for supplies from other players, i really like the way the game is, but i want to see whats beyond raven and with the space center coming up, i would like to see the story line go even beyond what it is, as for pioneer trail, i gave up after two weeks as it requires too much work and begging from other players

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