So Many Strategy Games


Alas, I’ve been very strained for time and haven’t been able to update as much as I like. There are just too many games that need playing!

BBGsite gives a quick overview of all the WW2-themed strategy games currently on Facebook. It’s not a great article, but it let’s you know what’s out there. Empires & Allies, Global Warfare, Army Attack, Battle Pirates… probably my favourite of those would be Battle Pirates. I really liked Backyard Monsters, (though I never got a chance to write about it) and my only complaint was that the theme wasn’t really engaging. Battle Pirates takes the same game and re-skins it with a modern naval warfare theme, which is pretty sweet. It actually reminds me a lot of Tauriworld, but with better gameplay.

There are a few upcoming non-browser games that are in the forefront of my mind: From Dust and Strongold 3. From Dust looks simply brilliant. It’s a sand-box game, very much like the old Populous. The concept works wonderfully on today’s hardware and the art style is spot on.

Another game soon to hit Steam is Stronghold 3. I haven’t really gotten into the series, but only because I haven’t had the time. It looks like a lot of fun, and I had a great time with the Stronghold Kingdoms Beta back at the beginning of the year. My only complaint is that it isn’t browser based, when really they weren’t doing anything that realy needs a client. If you take a look at what Settlers Online is able to accomplish in the browser, and then applied it to building castles instead of villages… oi.

Okay, check back tomorrow for another Tales of Aloriah.


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  • Cooperative games emphasize participation, challenge and fun rather than defeating someone. Cooperative games focus on fun and interaction rather than competition and alienation. Cooperative games are not new. Some of the classic games we participated in as children are classic because of the play emphasis. There may be competition involved, but the outcome of the competition is not sitting out or losing. Instead, it may involve switching teams so that everyone ends up on the winning team.

  • strong hold 2 is one of my favorite strategy game. its allows a player to do multiple role in a single game. after that the 2nd most game i like is rise of nations 3 its military plus economy based game challenge and fun.
    the good part is that in strategy games u will have your time and your choice rather than just defeating your opponent

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