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As always, more going on in the world of online strategy games than I could possibly cover. Let’s take a quick look at Empires & Allies, Civ World, and new servers for OGame and Lord of Ultima.

Well, I’ve been pressing on with Empires & Allies. It’s gotten a lot more… well, more. They’ve added upgrades for each unit type, which each require a dozen special parts which you can only get from spamming your friends. It doesn’t really affec the gameplay though. Once you fully upgrade your best troop types, you can keep cranking them out as usual, so it hasn’t really made the lower troop types any more useful. They’ve also been adding a lot more things that you can only get through paying money, and special decorations for Yankee Day. I wouldn’t say that any of these make the game better, just more shiney.

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Gameforge’s OGame has opened a new server as well.

“From the depths of space comes the announcement of something tremendous: a new universe by the name of ‘Kassiopeia’ has been discovered! Numerous unexploited planets are waiting to be colonised by you.

“Construct your empire of stars in ‘Kassiopeia’:
– From business empires to feared military superpowers – there are many routes to success!
– Unite with companions and build strong alliances
– Measure yourself against enemies old and new
– Colonise alien planets and develop advanced technologies
– Expand your empire and fight for universal supremacy”

OGame and I have an interesting relationship, as I’ve always wanted to give it a chance, but have never gotten around to it. The game has absolutely gorgeous art, but it really feels like the art is “around the game” instead of a part of it. Of course, I don’t know how I expect them to portray a city with clickable buildings when the city is an entire planet and still have it fit in my browser, but nonetheless. Anyway, if anyone has played OGame, let me know what you think!

Lord of Ultima has also opened a few new servers yesterday “one English world, Europe – World 37, and two Spanish worlds, España – Mundo 6 and América Latina – Mundo 7.” So, if you were waiting for an opportunity to check out EA’s take on the online strategy game, now is your chance.

civ world civilization facebook

Also, big news, I finally got on to Civ World! It’s… well… it hasn’t exactly clicked for me yet. Look for a full review coming next week. Also, look forward to the next Tales of Aloriah tomorrow!


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  • I have played Ogame and i think you hit the nail on the head in your “the art is “around the game” instead of a part of it.” — its actually kindve a cool game but something doesnt quite click there…


    • Yeah, you’re ALWAYS going to need more of something, ullasuy crystal. You’re much farther ahead in a couple of days than we all were.One thing that REALLY helps propel you forward is raiding inactives.You’re going to need at least Espy Probes and Small Cargos. Then you find inactive players, probe them, and steal what they have if they have 0 defense. You can pay off your cargos really quick this way and can get more on raids than you can from a week’s worth of mining.

  • Ogame rocks dude, I feel like i’m addicted to it already. However, some of the features in this game are not to par, And so right about the arts comment though, needs some revamp.

    • Just out of curiosity, Owen, how long has it been since you last pyeald?Espionage is up and running now. I’ve built two probes and sent them out on a couple of reconnaissance missions. Nothing major just trying to get a feel for the neighborhood. Most people I can’t scout yet due to the newbie rule. I’m still trying to just to keep enough crystal in stock to do some things, but I’m making myself a very small target by trying to build things that require just metal and deut, since those two commodities seem to be rolling in rather nicely.

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