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browser based strategy game travian hits 500k on facebook

Let’s catch up on recent online strategy game news, shall we? First, if you didn’t feel my Civ World review was informative enough, check out the latest interview with Sid Meier over at Mashable. Anyway, after writing the review yesterday, I was inspired to play some Civilization V again. To my surprise, there’s now a prominent ad for Civ World right on the start screen!

strategy game civilization v on facebook

strategy game civilization v steam achievement bollywood

I decided to go for the Steam “Bollywood” achievement, as it seemed it would yield a shorter game, and presented a very different type of challenge. Usually I am an empire-builder, creating or conquering as many cities as I can. But now I’m limited to just 3. This means that I need to be very particular about where to place each of my cities. As such, probably I should have taken a more aggressive approach to exploration at the beginning, but oh well. I’ve found the perfect spot for my third and final city, able to work 2 tiles of the Great Barrier Reef! Unfortunately, the Ottomans are in the way. With such a small empire it may be difficult to go to war, but I really want that spot! Anyway, I didn’t plan to play so long, but suddenly it was 100 AD.

Also yesterday I discovered a new Aloriah blog. If you’ve been enjoying my Tales of Aloriah, which will continue tomorrow, be sure to check it out.

empires & allies facebook game leaderboard high scores

I spied something new and very interesting in the Empire and Allies UI. Apparently they will be introducing Leaderboards. This is something that might make the game more interesting. So far it really feels more like a single-player game than an MMO. A Leaderboard may make it more competitive, or more accurately, well better let you know that you are competing.

Finally, Travian has now hit 500k “likes” on Facebook. They mentioned “In September 2010 we only had around 50.000 likes – ten times more within 10 months is really astonishing. If we continue to grow at this rate we should reach 5 million fans in July 2012!” The biggest question in my mind, is what accounts for these numbers and why aren’t they bigger? Travian has many more than 500k players. Is it that Facebook users are slowly joining Travian or that players of Travian are slowly joining Facebook? At the very least it makes me feel better that I don’t even have 100 “likes”. Come on readers, make my day!


browser based strategy game travian hits 500k on facebook

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