Empires & Allies Strategy Guide: Defending Your Empire

empires & allies strategy guide defending your empire

There’s nothing more annoying then logging in to Empires & Allies to see you have half a dozen invasions to repel before going about your business. However, I’ve put together a sure-fire defence strategy to make repelling those invasions as painless as possible, keeping your Empire safe and sound.

Maximize Damage / Minimize Losses

The first thing to understand is that your goal is not to prevent other players from invading you. You don’t really have control over that. Further, no matter what type of defenses you come up with, eventually your enemies will push through. Ultimately your defences are controlled by the computer, and a good player will come up with a winning strategy.

The key to Defending Your Empire is making sure to maximize your enemy’s losses, and to minimize the damage YOU take when repelling their invasion. Note that when the enemy attacks, you don’t actually lose any troops. You only lose troops when you repel their invasion.

So, how to do that?

empires & allies strategy guide defending your empire

Identify Key Targets

Most people invade where they can collect the most resources from you, obviously. This means Ore Mines, Oil Mines, Woodmills, and possibly Government Buildings. Farms, Houses, and Military buildings give less rewards, so they’re not attacked so often.

Find places in your Empire where there are a lot of Ore Mines bunched together. This is going to be where the enemy will strike.

One good step is to lay out every in lines, instead of blobs. Enemies collect from a square invasion, so you want to have as few valuable targets inside of that square as possible.

Separate Theaters

Don’t mix your land, air, and sea when defending. You need to understand how Empires & Allies fields your defenders.

If an enemy invades where you have no defenders, they fight against random troops. Any defenders they do encounter will increase the troops they have to fight, and will influence the theater. For example, if there are more sea defenders, then the enemy will fight against sea. If there are more air defenders, the enemy will fight against air. This means that if you have 2 sea defenders and 1 air defender, the air defender is effectively wasted.

Separate Classes

This is the most important. Don’t mix your classes. You want your soldiers all together, away from your tanks, and away from your cannons. Remember, your goal is to make repelling the invasion as easy as possible. And what are the easiest battles? The ones where the enemy has only one class! By fielding only one class yourself, you force the enemy to do the same.

empires & allies strategy guide defending your empire

Let’s look at an example. You’re trying to invade me. You find a nice section of oil wells and go for it. You’re confronted with a fleet of Fighters. Naturally, you field a bunch of Bombers (since Bombers have the advantage against Fighters). You’re probably able to kill every one of my troops (but remember, that just means you win the invasion. Defending Troops are not actually removed from my island after battle).

Now I come to repel your invasion, and what do you have? A bunch of Bombers, which I can easily defeat by fielding Airships, probably without losing a single one.

What does this mean? It means that you’ve lost 5 Bombers, the most expensive class, in order to invade me. And I have lost nothing.

Now, if you do come up against my 5 Fighters, certainly you have the choice to field Fighters or Airships of your own, to make it more difficult for me to repel. However, any Airships you do use will probably get shot down by my defending Figthers, so either way, you lose.


So there you have it. Do I worry that you are going to use these tactics and make it harder for me to invade you? Absolutely! Good luck, and I’ll see you on the battlefield!


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