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browser game aloriah new server

What’s new in the world of Online Strategy Games? Let’s take a look.

First and foremost, just yesterday Aloriah opened a new server! I’ve been waiting for this for a long while, and am happy to be starting up “Tails of Aloriah” again.

Next, Ikariam have been posting very cryptic clues on their Facebook page as to a new game feature. They’re been revealing parts of different pictures every day, but even with two images fully revealed I really don’t know what this is about. Maybe you’re a better guesser than I?

ikariam new feature

ikariam new feature

Also, Empires & Allies has been growing like wildfire. This last week they released a new “upgrade” feature that lets you upgrade your different troop types. This functions very much like the Workshop in Ikariam or the Academy in Travian. Of course, like anything in a Zynga game, in order to pay for the upgrades you need to receive dozens of special parts that you can only acquire by spamming your friends, and each time you finish an upgrade Zynga offers to send a hand-written letter to everyone’s mum to let them know.


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