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free browser game mmorpg strategy warflow

Warflow, a game that has received much ado on this site already, comes from a proud history of both MMORPG’s and Strategy games. Warfow’s latest ad campaign shows that Dovogame is willing to do what it takes to set the game apart from the game’s many clones that have sprouted up over the next few months. To the average viewer, these may seem like simple internet ads, but it’s clear that Dovogame put a lot of thought and effort into these, and they deserve a closer look.

free browser game mmorpg strategy warflow
The first frame of this animated ad summarizes the problem with modern strategy games and sets the stage for how Warflow will attempt to rescue the genre. Strategy games are too slow, and we gamers have nothing better to do than watch the upgrade bar fill up. Even though level 12 of anything would normally take hours to upgrade in some other game, enhancing the ad’s point, Dovogame wants to show that even 5 minutes is far too long. Modern gamers need to be able to raise an empire and conquer the world all in one sitting. We don’t want to have anything to do tomorrow.

And this is where Warflow steps in. “No longer waiting. No cash FTW. No instant level up!” Or something like that. I suppose the point is that finally users can pay money to finish upgrades faster. Wait. Isn’t that already a feature in Travian, Evony, and every single OSG??

Realizing their mistake, they switch tactics for the final frame. If they have nothing original to say about gameplay, at least they can save face by employing some original advertising techniques. A hot chick; brilliant! No one has used sex to sell an online strategy game before.

Warflow. A must play.



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