OSG1 Mini-contest 2

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It’s time for another contest, brought to you specially by Tororin, the winner of previous! I really liked the last contest, but thought we needed more entires, so now is your chance! All you have to do is post a comment filling in this sentence: “You know you’ve been playing ____ too much when…” Insert your favourite mmo browser game into the blank, finish it off, and you’re done. At the end of next week (June 3rd) I’ll pick my favourite and the winner will get 10€ of virtual currency for their game. Entries will be judged based on humour, cleverness, applicability, and, most importantly, how much I like them. Feel free to enter as many times as you want! For examples of entries, just see the previous contest! No fair copying.


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  • You know you’ve been playing Lord of Ultima too much when you build a hideout in your garden ‘just in case’.

    Btw: Liked the Travian item allot!

  • You know you’ve been playing Ikariam too much when you accidentally ask your wedding planner suggestions on wedding scripts instead of wedding themes…@_@

  • Okay, giving it another try!

    You know you’ve been playing Travian too much when you won’t let your friend come to Vegas because he lowers the group velocity.

  • You know you’ve been playing Clash of Kingdoms too much when you line up your smoke breaks to collect taxes.

  • You know when you’ve been playing Civ V too much when you wonder how much resorces it took to build that.

  • Last one

    You know when you’ve been playing Mario too much when you think mushrooms will make you giant.

    Gl everyone else

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